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5 Reasons Why White is the Best Color to Use for Your Bedding

Its February, cold and dark and we are all in need of a way to brighten our moods. How about updating your bedding with new white USA made bedding? Here are 5 reasons why white is the best color to use for your bedding.

  • All your bedding will match which will save you time – White bedding makes laundry day easier-both washing and putting things away. If all beds have white percale sheets, then when you change your linens, you won’t have to look for matching sets because all the sets will match.
  • It makes a room feel less cluttered and calmer – Our factory makes bedding for some of the biggest luxury hotels in the world such as Hilton, Marriott, Radisson and Intercontinental and 99% of them buy white. White bed sheets and duvets have a calming effect on your mood so you will sleep soundly.
  • It can brighten up a dark room – Whether it is dark through lack of natural light, or due to the wall color, white bedding can transform how a bedroom feels. Since the bed is the largest part of the room the bright white will really impact the look and feel of the entire room.
  • It’s classic and timeless – Trends come and go. A bestseller one year is out the next year. White bedding is hugely versatile, as it goes with everything. You can pair it with any color accessory to change up your style.
  • Show off your favorite things and mix and match – If you are tired of your bedroom style but don’t want to paint or pay for new furniture then switch up your sheets. Putting crisp white cotton sheets on your bed gives the impression of a newly decorated room, without the effort and expense. If you have show stopping furniture or artwork that you adore then let that be the focal point of your room. White bedding gives you a blank canvas to add personality too. Dress your white bed linen with new pillows in pastels or bright colors. Add texture and warmth and a pop of color with throws or a USA made cotton blanket and layer up to create drama. The simpler your bedding, the more creative you can be with the rest of the room.

White bed sheets are an excellent way to update your bedroom. Our 100% West Texas Organic Cotton white bed sheets add brightness to any dark room, blend easily with other colors and never go out of style.

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