Backyard Buddy Auto Lifts

Backyard Buddy Auto Lifts Manufactured in the USA

It doesn’t matter if you are a car enthusiast, backyard mechanic or an automotive business needing additional storage, we have a wide range of lift sizes and options to meet your needs. There is a Backyard Buddy for everyone!

Reasons to Choose Backyard Buddy:

  • Free Standing & Portable – our sleeve and tube design means there is no need to secure your Backyard Buddy to the floor. With the optional casters, they are completely portable. You can roll your lift around the garage or outside on the driveway, even while supporting a car.
  • Customizable Colors – choose from a variety of colors including, red, black, gray, white and blue.
  • Up to 9 years top to bottom Warranty.
  • North American Steel – our Backyard Buddy lifts use only 100% North American Steel from US and Canadian sources.
  • Manufactured in Warren, Ohio – Our Steel Valley workers know the meaning of USA quality manufacturing.

Treat yourself to the best tool you’ll ever buy for your home garage. A Backyard Buddy car lift makes working on your project car or everyday vehicle easy, fun and safe. No more cold concrete floor and jack stands! A number of different built-in jack options make it easy to do whatever you want on your car or truck. Backyard Buddy offers a full-line of American made 7,000 and 9,000 pound capacity lifts for cars, trucks and recreational vehicles of all kinds.

The Backyard Buddy lift gives full access to the bottom of the car. Working under your hot rod, muscle car or classic is a lot easier with a Backyard Buddy car lift. Exhaust systems, transmissions, chassis detailing or any other under car project is no longer a back breaking chore. You won’t dread doing routine service on your daily driver anymore. For even more versatility, check out our optional jack platforms and built-in hydraulic jacks that make it easy to jack up a vehicle while on the lift for brake and suspension work.

Need extra room for another car or to store a boat or motorcycle in your garage? The Backyard Buddy car lift is the perfect storage solution! With enough ceiling height, it’s easy to store one car over another. With accessory kits like solid inserts and drip pans, Backyard Buddy lifts can store ATV’s, snowmobiles, motorcycles, boats and other seasonal vehicles while providing usable space under the elevated platform.

Backyard Lift Buddy Products to Choose from:

7000 LB Collector Series

The Backyard Buddy 7,000 LB Collector Series comes in three versions: The 7,000 LB Classic, The Service and The Workforce Lift, that gives you a full 7 feet of clearance under the lift platform. Our free-standing lifts are powered by an 110V (or 220V) power supply and is perfect for the residential home or professional shop. With enough clearance to accommodate almost any two vehicles for storage –it’s an easy way to gain a parking space in your garage. Made with 100% North American Steel and Manufactured in Warren, Ohio USA, our design and construction is unparalleled in the industry.

9,000 LB Rugged Series

Our 9,000 LB lift Series is ideal for crew cab dually pickups and large SUVs. Choose between our 9,000 LB Classic or Super Duty Lift, Identical in operation to our 7000 LB Series, but it’s made with thicker steel — long enough, wide enough, and heavy-duty enough to do the job yet still portable! This lift does it all!

Land and Sea Lifts

Our Land and Sea Series are the newest addition to Backyard Buddy’s line of lifts. It is perfect for storing a boat trailer to allow for extra storage in your garage. We also have a Recreational Lift – coming soon.


Shop our accessory section to add casters to your Backyard Buddy. Plus jacking systems, ramps, storage solutions, and more.