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Celebrating the Americans Manufacturing in the USA

Below are some of the hard working men in women in various manufacturing industries who work hard every day to provide for their families.

These men and women not only strive to be the best at what they do, they strive to make the best in their industry. They do this as a matter of pride and a sense of accomplishment. They do this so that the products we use and rely on are safe and work as they should. They do this so they can live their American Dream.

When we support US manufacturing, we are not just supporting our fellow Americans, but we are helping ourselves too. Because for every 1 US manufacturing job that is created, and average of 7.4 jobs are created in other industries. From construction, to local shops and restaurants, to accountants and tax preparation. The list goes on and on.


First up is Liberty TableTop by Sherrill Manufacturing, located in Sherrill, New York. The owners of this company used to work for the Oneida brand that moved operations to Mexico. They decided to put it on the line and buy the factory and produce their own line of flatware keeping production in the US from American Made stainless steel. They struggle at first, even having to sell off equipment to make payroll. Several years later, they have approximately 30 different patterns and are making it because of their entire teams hard work and determination to make not just the only flatware being made in the USA but the best.

The hardworking men and women of Liberty Tabletop Made in the USA


Next up is 360 Cookware, we have some of the people who work hard to produce quality Hand Crafted in the USA, Green-Manufactured in the USA. 360 cookware makes some of the best cookware in the industry. This cookware was designed to make food more flavorful without using extra fat and keeping the nutrients in your food. Their products are not massed produced like those found in the big boz stores, so they can keep a better eye on quality control. The cookware works so good, that you can boil an egg with virtually no water. A paper towel with some water on it is all you need.

360 Cookware. Handcrafted in the USA Staff.


American Blossom Linens is a newer line of luxury organic sheets manufactured by Thomaston Mills. This manufacturer has been producing textiles for over 155 years. They have a long tradition of crafting quality lines in the USA and American Blossom line is no exception. Each sheet is made from 100% organically grown US cotton. Those conscientious men and women produce bedding that is so good the company offers a 2 year return policy. Likewise it is made environmentally friendly, pure, chemical free.

American Blossom Linens. Organic Luxury Bedding Made in America.


Remke Industries has been producing high quality electrical cord grips, cable connectors and custom cabling solutions in its 2 Illinois facilities since 1963.  Many of their employees have been with the company for over 15 years, with several that have been with them for over 25 years.  At Remke, Made in USA isn’t just a slogan, it’s a source of pride considering most of their competitors produce their products overseas.

Remke Industries Staff US Manufacturing.


Circle B Ranch is a family owned business that began back in 2009 when John and Marina Backes decided big city life was too much. So they packed up and left New Jersey and settled out west to small town Seymour, Missouri. They wanted to make food that not only tasted good but was grown and raised using humane sustainable methods. They not only provide delicious food, but offer some great recipes. If you cant find their food in your local store, you can request it and then purchase it directly from their website.

Circle B Ranch Sustainable and Humanely grown food on a family farm in the USA.


RAGGEDedge Gear gained its start some 21 years ago because a boy brought home a piece of sail cloth to his mother who loved to sew. Today, they are still producing quality products and are proud to say that they source all materials in the USA and make them in their small workshop in Dan, Virginia. They are a small company but have a huge passion for quality and making every piece in America.

AGGEDedge Gear

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