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Look Out for Chinese Knock-Offs of American Made Products This Christmas.

There IS a Difference

American Made versus Chinese Knock-off

The old adage is true: You get what you pay for! Why would you ever want to sacrifice quality for price when purchasing a personal care item? Don’t be fooled by an image of a product on an e-commerce site like Amazon that looks the same as the authentic product that sells for less than half the price. This segway’s into another old adage: If seems too good to be true, it usually is!

The Original FootMate System

Foot care is a daily challenge, but the 100% American made, Podiatrist recommended FootMate® System makes optimal foot health easy. It is a complete foot transformation® system for cleaning, soothing, stimulating, and massaging your feet every time you shower.  Your feet take you everywhere, so treat them right!…® The FootMate® System is a brush and specially formulated gel that goes in the bath or shower to clean and massage your feet without having to bend over.

The FootMate’s wide, gentle inner bristles massage your tender soles, while the stiffer outer bristles smooth rough skin and calluses, and stimulate circulation. With circulation stimulated, your feet will feel great. The FootMate® System is good for your health as well as your Soul.  The FootMate® System’s Rejuvenating Gel™ and Rejuvenating Cream™ contain Tea Tree Oil, a natural antiseptic, antifungal, aloe, moisturizers, conditioners, and Vitamin E.  The products contain NO: Parabens, SLS, Petrolatum, Synthetic Fragrances, EDTA, Artificial Colors or Phthalates.

The FootMate® System is for anyone who wants to experience the benefits of a soothing foot massage while taking better care of their feet- people with diabetes, arthritis, back pain, athletes, pregnant women, etc. Rather than waiting for your feet to experience the rigors of daily life, our goal is to help you maintain the best possible foot health before foot issues occur!

The Footmate® System by Gordon Brush® is an American Made Beauty Verified product (manufactured in Los Angeles, CA) and endorsed by the American College of Foot & Ankle Orthopedics & Medicine (ACFAOM), a specialty organization that is part of the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

The contoured brush design of the FootMate® System cradles the foot for comfortable positioning and contains:

  • Over 11,000 bristles contoured to cradle the foot.
  • Soft inner bristles to gently massage tender areas of the foot.
  • Stiff outer bristles to smooth rough and/or dry skin.
  • Suction cups to help keep the FootMate® in place during use.
  • Footpads on either side to insure the FootMate® stays in place on surfaces where suction cups won’t easily adhere.
  • Anti-skid surface helps insure balance.
  • Mildew resistant retrieval rope allows easy lifting of the FootMate® from the shower or bath eliminating bending or stooping.

In real time, you can see and feel the difference between the American made FootMate® System and a Chinese knock-off:

  • The Chinese knock-off bristle configuration is confluent in color and shape indicating that they use only one kind of bristle stiffness, whereas the FootMate® System uses two different bristle stiffnesses so that the consumer can clean and massage the sides and heels with the stiffer bristles and the soles with the softer bristles. Having two different stiffnesses and concomitant bristle length, makes the FootMate® System, “cradled” for the foot.
  • The Chinese knock-off is not trimmed; the bristle ends having vary lengths and look scraggly, like an un-mowed lawn, whereas the FootMate® System is neatly trimmed; all ends for both the sides and central portion are exactly the same length.
  • The reason it is called the FootMate® System is because the Gordon Brush® product contains the American made brush along with a bottle of all-natural Rejuvenating Gel™ (liquid soap), specially formulated for the feet.
  • The FootMate® brush contains over 11,000 bristles and the base is made using over one pound of specially formulated plastic ensuring that the bristles won’t fall out. The Chinese knock-off bristle package is not as dense and not as sturdy so you do not get the same massage and cleaning action, in addition to stability on the floor. Moreover, the plastic used in the Chinese knock-off is too soft to hold the bristle package. As a result, the bristles will fall out after several uses.
  • The FootMate® brush shape is trademarked and images have copyright protection. The Chinese knock-off is stealing Gordon Brush’s intellectual property. Do you want to purchase a product from a company that blatantly and willfully engages in intellectual property thievery?

The FootMate® System is the ultimate foot massage and the perfect way to pamper your tired, aching feet.  Refresh, Restore, Renew!…® Your feet will Love You!…® It’s the Evolution of Beauty®

Original American Made FootMate System

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