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Go4 Made in USA mobile app

Our mission started  in late 2011, but our motivation to get involved in the “Made in America” Community was stirred years earlier with our own shopping frustrations for American-made products.  We wanted to utilize and build upon our desktop IT skills to create a mobile solution to help Consumers find – and help others find – products proudly bearing the “Made in USA” label, so we invested 2 years into learning the tools and technologies necessary to move from the desktop solution environment to the world of mobile devices.

Our research showed there were many websites with directories of American Manufacturers grouped into categories, showing a Company’s logo, address, phone number and biographical information, and that can take a visitor to a Company’s online presence.  There were a variety of “Made in America” eCommerce sites listing or selling American-made products, but most carried a limited selection.  A hand-full of “Made in USA” focused mobile apps existed in 2010 – 2011, but most were not maintained or contained static listings of Manufacturers.

Our apps are designed to do more. You can search for Products Recently Added, In the Vicinity (2-mile radius of current location), or by Name.  Search by Manufacturer or Retailer (Stores or Online) and more.

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