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About BuyDirectUSA.com

We are pioneering leaders in the Buy American Movement, BuyDirectUSA.com began in 1998 as a way to promote companies that made their products in the USA. This was well before the scares about toys made in China that contained lead and other toxic ingredients. .

Nearly 20 years later and our goal is still the same, to promote and market companies that make their products in the USA and help keep Americans working. In this current economic environment, we realize that this simple mission of keeping jobs in the US is now even more important than ever before. .

The recent surge in demand for Made in the USA products and supporting US manufacturing is inspiring. Many American consumers are committed to the ideas that buying products Made in the USA is not only beneficial for the financial health of our country but for the health and wellness of their families as many products made overseas are not held to the same quality control standards required of companies that make their products in the USA. Made in USA products are more environmentally friendly than most imports simply for being made closer to their intended customers..

Politicians come and go but employment is always need as is a strong US economy. We do our best to stay out of politics and remain politically neutral. We have seen many politicians come and go and many bad trade deals signed into law. However, despite those things we remain steadfast and will fight for American Manufacturing for as long as it takes. .

Our Mission
To promote American manufactures and those that sell their products to help create jobs for Americans..

Why We Do What We Do
Back in 1998, the effects of NAFTA started showing its full impact on US manufacturing. As time passed more and more manufacturing workers and textile workers found themselves without jobs, without a way to pay their mortgages and many were standing in long lines in hopes to receive food from charity. Every day people who worked hard to take care of their family and took pride in the work they did were in dire need so that their jobs could be filled for a few pesos south of the border and beyond..

We see their faces, we know their heartbreaks, lost pensions, spent savings, lost homes and working 2-3 jobs to make up a fraction of the living they once made. For many it wasnít just about the income it was a sense of pride to make great things in the USA. .

All over the United states there are remnants of the great factories that once churned out just about every product we needed. Many have been converted to condos and apartments, others torn down and some left to fall apart and crumble in on themselves. .

However a small spark of hope has ignited the flame of ingenuity and a new generation of Americans are making clothes and much more in the USA again. They donít have thousands of employees like the large corporate manufacturing plants once had, but many have 25-100 employees taking pride in what they make and are slowly breathing life into US manufacturing. They are bypassing the big box retailers and offering products direct to the consumer by using the power of social media and the internet. .

They are niche manufactures and they are having positive impacts on their local communities and our overall national economy. They are American owned and they are proud to show off the quality they put into whatever they make. Some are even able to get the pricing so that it is extremely competitive with inferior imported products. A feat not easy to do, but these Americans are resolved to be successful at what they do and bring hope back to their communities. .

We do what we do because we want to help those displaced workers find employment that will pay them livable wages and we want to help those entrepreneurs who took the leap into manufacturing to become successful. Because if they succeed, we all get to enjoy the benefits of their success..

United, we the people are an unstoppable force. Buy American for America.

Join Us.

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Buy American for America. Your Nation depends on you.

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about BuyDirectUSA.com

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