Introducing a New Classic from American Blossom Linens!

The Classic American Made Organic Cotton Sheets you’ve come to love have a new designer look. You spoke and we listened by pairing our crisp white bed sheets and pillowcases with an elegant line of navy-blue piping.

We’ve been making sheets for over 122 years. We used our extensive experience to create the perfect fabric which is crisp, cool and breathable. Our Classic Sheets are made with 100% USA Organic Cotton and get softer with every wash. Made with a percale weave, they are woven to last a lifetime, provide a great feel to your skin and with a thin strip of piping add a dash of elegance to your bedroom.

The American Blossom percale sheets are Made in the USA from organic cotton grown in West Texas. The cotton is combed to remove the shorter fibers leaving longer ones that produce the best quality fabric. Crispy when new, the sheets will soften with use as the cotton fibers relax and break-in. 

The best percale sheets are built to last. They are durable and remain beautiful over time without tearing, pilling, sagging, or losing their shape. Compared to synthetics and blends, breathable cotton may boast a few wrinkles once the sheets are washed and dried. A mark of their purity and authenticity. The navy-blue piping adds a delightful accent to any décor. Queen and King sets are both available with four pillowcases, choose either king or standard pillowcases with the King sets. In stock and ready to ship today.

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