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Latte Linen Sheets are Back in Stock- Made with Foxfibre® -Colored by Nature

Foxfibre® is an organically grown cotton which we use to make our Latte Linen bedding series. The Foxfibre® cotton grows in a rich color which is integral to the fiber itself. This specialty cotton was created by Sally Fox, a “cotton pioneer” for her efforts regarding organic, colored cotton. Starting in the 1980’s, Sally Fox was the first one to develop the systems to grow and promote organic cotton in the USA, which started the conversation about organic textiles.

The naturally colored cottons have existed for thousands of years and originated in the America’s. This “Heirloom” cotton was once abundant and grew in a rainbow of shades including green, yellow, blue and brown. Sally Fox hand-bred ancient, naturally pest resistant varieties that can be grown using organic and biodynamic farming methods. Fox was able to develop long staple lengths that allowed the cotton fiber to be spun into high quality yarn.

The naturally colored heirloom organic cotton is also more vigorous, drought tolerant, pest and disease resistant and requires less water.  A properly stored bale of Foxfibre® can last up to 100 years! Most commercial non-organic varieties of cotton use GMO seeds and have been bred for homogeneous characteristics like white color. They require tremendous amounts of water and are highly dependent on the use of herbicides and insecticides, the Foxfibre® cotton does not. Read more about Sally Fox and Foxfibre® here.

Back in stock, the Latte Linen sheets are available in sets for sizes Full, Queen, King, California King and Split King. The Queen and King sets include 4 pillowcases and the Full sets includes 2 standard pillowcases. The sheets are generously sized to ensure a secure tuck and include “Top or Bottom” sewn-in labels for ease of making the bed. Latte Linen is also available in King/Cal King and Full/Queen Duvet sets.

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