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Jordan Essentials, “It’s all about the Family” Made in the USA Skin Care

American Made skin care products from a company that cares about your family

Jordan Essentials, “It’s all about the Family” Made in the USA Skin Care

Jim Palmer
July 31, 2012

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Jordan Essentials, a skincare company that makes their products in the USA. When I first entered the building I was greeted by a smiling receptionist and then Mary Koch, the company’s media spokesperson.  Even more uplifting than all the smiling faces was the aroma of skin care products in the company showroom. I have allergies to many types of scents and at times when I visit a place that sells these kinds of items, I will not stay around long.  However, this place was literally a breath of fresh air. Not overpowering, but simply pleasant is the best I can describe it in words.

After meeting a few of the other staff members, I was led into the office of Nancy Bogart, CEO and founder of Jordan Essentials. Bogart started the company at the end of 1999 under the name Country Bunny Bath and Body (which was later changed to Jordan Essentials). She started as a housewife looking to make some extra income to help sustain her growing family.

Bogart started her business at “the kitchen table, moved to the garage and when the big rig trucks started backing up to the garage it was tiJordan Essentials Founder & President Nancy Bogartme to get a commercial building.”

Jordan Essentials is now located at 1106 Eaglecrest in Nixa, MO. They offer a variety of skin care products for the entire family. When asked why she decided to keep her manufacturing base in Nixa, she said, “This is my community, where I go to church and my children go to school. I want to stay here and give back to my community.” 

Bogart gives back by providing jobs to not only twenty employees in Nixa, but she also buys her shipping materials and packaging supplies locally as well. So in essence, she is helping to sustain other businesses in the area. She also makes sure that the ingredients used in the Jordan Essentials products are Made in the USA. According to Bogart “about 98.9 % of the products we produce are from ingredients made in the USA, the only exception is the Dead Sea Salt which obviously only comes from the Dead Sea and the Shea Butter which comes from Africa.”

Jordna Essentals Manufacutring SpaceNot only can you visit www.jordanessentials.com>www.jordanessentials.com and place an order for their skin care products but Jordan Essentials also offers stay at home moms, working moms, etc. the opportunity to earn extra income by becoming a Jordan Essentials Consultant. The company provides the training for anyone who signs up to sell the products.

The impression I got was that the nearly 12,000 Jordan Essential Consultants are like extended members of Bogart’s family. She does every thing she can to ensure the success of her consultants. A Consultant is always given credit for a sale no matter if that order is placed through the Jordan Essentials web store or if a customer makes a purchase in person at the showroom.

Jordan Essentials uses social media to help spread the word about their products and opportunities for likeminded women to earn some extra income for their families. The Jordan Essentials www.facebook.com>FaceBook Page and other social media outlets allow the consultants to speak to one another, share ideas, recipes and more. “It’s all about the consultants,” said Bogart. “They make the company what it is today.”            

When asked why people should purchase products produced by Jordan Essentials, Bogart said, “we make our products as natural as possible, and they are made fresh in the USA.”  I toured the factory area and was able to watch the Jordan Essentials employees make products and prepare them for shipping. Bogart also informed me that their products “are helping to support families around the country and that Jordan Essentials is all about the family.” 

Jordan Essentials is a company with a heart and that heart comes from Bogart and those whom she employs. They are creating jobs and supporting the local community, but Bogart has some suggestions for anyone who wants to start their own business.           

Using a quote from Zig Ziglar, Bogart said, “Readers are leaders. If you want to succeed in business, you need to be a reader. Read everything you can on not just business but on personal growth as well. You must believe in your product, keep yourself focused and finally if you go in thinking you will fail or succeed, you will.” 

Bogart has lived up to this philosophy as she went from being a Midwest housewife to a successful entrepreneur and business owner.  According to Bogart, “If I can succeed in business anyone can.” 

Bogart started her business to help her family. But during the entire process she has never forgotten to keep her family at the forefront of her life. “Do the business for the family not in spite of them,” said Bogart.  “Having a business is wonderful, but be sure to make every effort to ensure that you do not miss out on your family as a result of your business. You must take care of your family first.” 

If you want to purchase quality made products or add some income to your family www.jordanessentials.com>Jordan Essentials is there to help after all, they are “All about the family.”

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Jordan Essentials Family Skin Care
Jordan Essentials Family Skin Care