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USA Made NuAngel Trinity II Nursing Pillow now available at Walmart

Our nursing pillow was created to make the nursing process more comfortable for mom and baby. The Trinity II Nursing Pillow is now available to purchase at your local Walmart store.

May 17, 2017

NuAngel Trinity II Nursing Pillow are now available to purchase at Walmart. The patented pillow is cut, sewn, and packaged in Athens, Alabama. Check out part of the product process for the nursing pillow here.

The NuAngel Trinity II Pillow is our medium size pillow. Key features include: angled design to help decrease baby acid reflux, lightweight and portable, multiple positions, machine wash and dry. Additional pillow information can be found on at NuAngel.com.

Our goal is to provide product support to breastfeeding mothers at a reasonable price. Walmart is helping us meet this goal. The pillow includes a gray pillowcase and can be ordered at NuAngel.com as well as Walmart. If your local Walmart does not have the pillow, it can be shipped to the store or can be ordered by the store manager. Ask for store item #556574000. Thank you for your support of a Made in USA company!


Company: NuAngel
URL: http://nuangel.com
Bio: NuAngel, Inc., is a U.S. manufacturer of quality products for mothers and infants. "Nu" in NuAngel represents nursing, nutrition, and new. "Angel" is of the belief that babies are precious angels and the most valuable gifts their parents will ever receive
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