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#buyamerican Tweet Chat popularity continues to soar

Because our Thursday Tweet Chats for #buyamerican have been so successful we were featured in the Tweet Chat Social Trends Online Magazine. Check it out here.

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Join #BuyAmerican every Thursday at 2pm CST / 3pm EST with @BuyDirectUSA 

Tell us a little bit about yourself Jim. 

I am the marketing director for BuyDirectUSA.com. After the effects of NAFTA were being felt by the textile and other industries, we launched BuyDirectUSA in 1998 to help US Manufacturers and consumers find one another.

Why Twitter and TweetChat?

Twitter has been a valuable tool for us to reach both B2C and B2B consumers. We have found our followers see us as a movement and a cause for #buyamerican and their support helps us reach an astonishing number of people who value American Manufacturing as much as we do.

We discovered TweetChat last year after being invited to join one. After participating in them for a while, we decided to give our own a try. TweetChat has exceeded our expectations and reach. Using social media to be social with our followers is paramount to our success on Twitter. It also helps us gain additional supporters as they discover the content we are posting via the chats.

 What is your chat about?

Our chats are mainly about #buyamerican and the positive impacts the various industries have on our economy. However, we discuss a variety of topics such as helping the hurricane victims and homeless pets.

 What inspired the chat?

The same thing that inspired our web site. We wanted to help more people discover great American Made brands and create jobs for Americans. The more we discuss issues that manufacturers face as well as the great products they are producing, the more people we reach.

 Tell us about your community?

Our community represents people from all walks of life from celebrities to blue-collar workers and from all political persuasions. People who support us understand that #buyamerican is not about politics but it’s about creating jobs for real people and the positive effects it has on our economy.

 Can you share with us one or two success stories from TweetChat? One of our recent tweet chats to help raise funds for hurricane Harvey helped bring attention to local charities that were helping those affected in Houston.

 How can TweetChats improve?

I think about the only improvement we would like to see is the speed the responses get displayed in the chat. I am sure that has something to do with twitter api rules but nonetheless, it works great.

 How can TweetChats help build your community?

By spurring conversations about various topics, it brings attention to our mission of creating jobs for Americans and the importance of what we do. Likewise, it helps to educate those who have never been involved in the #buyamerican movement. Finally, it helps us grow our reach to potential supporters of our movement.

I think any brand, company or individual who wants to give TweetChat a try should go for it, by first participating in chats first and then spend the time to create their own. Its simple to use, though we do spend a great deal of time researching for content, but its been well worth the effort.

Join The Hashtag Conversation on TweetChat HERE -> #BUYAMERICAN

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