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Join the Healthy Snack Revolution! Help Us Bring These Great Protein Snacks to More People

If you are looking for a snack that is natural, high protein, no preservatives or additives, low sodium and made from ethically raised animals then you are going to love our snack sticks. Help us bring this snack to the market!

Circle B Ranch CampaignHelp Us Bring Our Snack Sticks to the Marketplace, Plus You Will Get Some Great Tasting Food When You Do! Get the complete details here.

Join us in restoring consumer confidence in bacon and pork as a healthy alternative to processed, chemically saturated snacking. In addition to quality pork cuts, we produce a natural, healthy, meat-only snack stick produced without additives or fillers. They contain nitrite-free bacon and ground pork. The Circle B Ranch Bacon Meat Sticks do not contain any grain fillers, preservatives and are gluten free.

The Circle  B Ranch Bacon Sticks  are great Anywhere...Anytime....Any Appetite!! They are great for people on the go. Quality Afternoon "pick me up" for  working and busy people and the "little" ones. Grab and Go!!

With your help, we will be able to market our Big John's NF Bacon Pork Snack Sticks to a larger audience. After all our Big John's NF Bacon Meat Sticks are shelf-stable and ready to eat, and you can take them anywhere. Take them to the gym, eat them on the run, or give your kids a healthy treat. Your imagination is the only thing holding you back.

Snack Sticks

When you contribute to our campaign, you are helping a farmer take their product to market. ou are helping John and Marina realize their dream: their dream to bring a healthy snack alternative to the consumer. Yes, you are one of the consumers. As you are reading this, you could be thinking about how delicious that Big John's NF Bacon Meat Stick will taste...and you won't feel guilty giving one to your child to eat for .....yes....breakfast.  There is 5-6 grams of protein in each stick!!

  • Full ONE OUNCE stick unlike "the other sticks". No High Fructose Corn Syrup, Red Dye, Artificial Flavors or Sodium Benzoate. Only the good stuff in these delicious Bacon Meat Sticks!
  • Paleo Friendly Bacon Meat Sticks with NO Added Nitrates or Nitrites. You can use them on the Whole 30 Diet. A great source of healthy fats, which is near perfect for your Keto diet.
  • Gluten Free,  Dairy Free and MSG Free Bacon Pork Meat Stick. We do not add any hormones (like Ractopamine) or use antibiotics
  • Low Carb, Low Calorie, High in Protein Bacon Meat Stick...and who does not LOVE Bacon??
  • No Citric Acid
  • Dye free casing
  • 5g of Protein, 90 Calories, NO Carbs, NO Sugar, 170 mg Sodium
  • 100% American made in an USDA facility in the state of Missouri

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