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Media Fear mongering American Consumers Over Tariffs There is nothing the media like more than to hype a story and if you have been watching the news all you hear is that prices are going to go up, jobs are going to be lost all because the President wants to take action in regards to China. The question you
These American Food Brands are No Longer American Owned What's in your pantry? Did you know that many of the brands we know and love are no longer owned by American companies. Many have been bought by foreign investors. See if the products you buy are American Owned.
BuyDirectUSA.com Challenges Trump to Start Making America Great Again Now - Urge Americans to Buy American for the Holidays We are asking President-elect Donald Trump to get started on "Making America Great Again" with the 2016 holiday season. Will he buy just one American made item this Christmas and also encourage the American people to do the same?
Napolitano, Hoyer Visit Gordon Brush to Discuss Ways to Encourage Competitive Manufacturing in the U.S. Despite foreign competition and companies replicating its products, Gordon Brush continues to manufacture its goods right here in the San Gabriel Valley area of Los Angeles, employing local residents and stimulating our region's economy.
10% Off Hot New Design Trend Honey-Color Picture Frames Our honey-colored picture frames are a rich and consistent honey color that is perfect for your rustic farmhouse decor or to add a richness to your favorite prints and art work. Now through the end of April save 10%. Get your coupon code here.
Americans Subsidize Shipping from China to US Each year the cost to ship packages increases and the post office continues to lose money. Maybe they need to rethink the subsidies that they are giving China to ship to the USA. Why should we pay more to ship overseas when other countries don't?
How To Shop For a Quality Cat Tree, Tower or Cat Condo With so many cat trees on the market it can be hard for a pet parent to know which products are the best for your cat(s). The cheapest is not always the best choice for a cat tree. Here is what you need to know to make the buying process easier.
The Constitution Party, joins conservative groups and a growing number in Congress urging Americans to speak out against the formation of a North American Union (NAU).
Win an American Made Bedspread & Pillow Sham The Colonial Rose features an all-over floral and palm leaf pattern and finished with a scalloped fringe. It's lightweight design makes it the perfect bedspread for the warmer spring weather. Enter Today. No Purchase Necessary.
New Mantis Outdoors Sospes Knife This knife is designed to do one thing: everything. Made in America it excels at wood prep, limbing, food prep, fire craft, camp chores, carving, and game prep and more. Get the details here.
New Product from CarryMyDog.com Summer is right around the corner and this collapsible dog crate will help you take your dog with you on vacation this year!
New Product Heavy Duty Dog Crate Fan A Heavy Duty Dog Crate fan is a necessity when transporting dogs in hot weather. A great kennel fan is the heart of any crate cooling system. This crate fan is Made in the USA.
Weed Dragon® Torch Product Review Check out our review of the American Made Weed Dragon® Deluxe Vapor Torch Kit and see if it works to get rid of weeds!
2018 Blacksmith's Choice 4 Puzzle Set Announced Each year the blacksmith chooses four puzzles for a special set from the Tavern Puzzles collection. This set of 4 puzzles is packaged in a gift box and includes our signature logo medallion.
NEW Weekender Terry Cabana Jacket Made in USA Made from 80% Cotton French Terry this lightweight jacket is an excellent addition to your suitcase this summer. Great for the beach too!