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BuyDirectUSA.com Challenges Trump to Start Making America Great Again Now - Urge Americans to Buy American for the Holidays We are asking President-elect Donald Trump to get started on "Making America Great Again" with the 2016 holiday season. Will he buy just one American made item this Christmas and also encourage the American people to do the same?
Napolitano, Hoyer Visit Gordon Brush to Discuss Ways to Encourage Competitive Manufacturing in the U.S. Despite foreign competition and companies replicating its products, Gordon Brush continues to manufacture its goods right here in the San Gabriel Valley area of Los Angeles, employing local residents and stimulating our region's economy.
Americans Subsidize Shipping from China to US Each year the cost to ship packages increases and the post office continues to lose money. Maybe they need to rethink the subsidies that they are giving China to ship to the USA. Why should we pay more to ship overseas when other countries don't?
That Valentine's Day Candy Your Buying May Be Made in Mexico Mexico's candy exports to the United States have more than doubled since 2002 and odds are pretty good those chocolates, jellied hearts and more are now being made in Mexico rather than made in the USA.
20% off Made in USA this Presidents' Day Weekend! Shop for Clothing Made in the USA this Presidents' Day Weekend and get 20% off your order. Get details here.
The Constitution Party, joins conservative groups and a growing number in Congress urging Americans to speak out against the formation of a North American Union (NAU).
Fall in Love with Flame Weeding 15% off your order Spring won't arrive for 6 more weeks but those pesky weeds are already anticipating the warm weather. Plan ahead and save 15% off a propane torch designed to get rid of pesky weeds.
15% Off Lincoln Pattern Flatware Now through February 28th take 15% off the Liberty Tabletop Lincoln Flatware pattern which is elegantly crafted with the American Spirit in mind.
Bollman Hat Co. Ordered by FTC to Stop Using Deceptive Use of Made in USA Certification The Federal Trade Commission has ordered Lancaster County-based Bollman Hat Co. to stop what it calls deceptive use of its “American Made Matters” certification and marketing materials.
Liberty Tabletop 2018 Winter Flatware Sale 10% off Now through February 28th take 10% off American Made Flatware. If you are looking to add a place setting to your existing pattern or are shopping for a complete set this is a great time to buy.
Shop our Winter Sale and Save $10 off any Home Decor Item Now is a great time to save on primitive and rustic decor for your home. Shop now and get $10.00 off any item with Coupon. Get your coupon code here to save today!
Weed Dragon® Torch Product Review Check out our review of the American Made Weed Dragon® Deluxe Vapor Torch Kit and see if it works to get rid of weeds!
Tote Bags Made in USA New from All USA Clothing Our tote bags are handmade in the USA from actual yoga mats. Available in 5 colors. Use as a Beach Bag, Weekend Getaway Bag, Diaper Bag, Purse etc.
NEW Collage Picture Frames Made in the USA Capture your child's first year or each school year with a beautifully arranged, multi-window collage picture frame. A perfect gift. Plus they are made in America.
New color from SOM Footwear SOM Footwear makes casual and comfortable shoes in Montrose, CO. Their newest offering is the Zephyr. A two-toned blue beauty. Check it out here.