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How Americans Buy American for the 4th of July

Posted on our #buyamerican Tweet Chat from Thursday June 14, 2017. Get the scoop on how many US Flags purchased were Made in America and imported. Plus how much American spend on fireworks for their July 4th celebrations & more.

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How Americans Buy American for the 4th of July
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Q. About 64% of Americans own US Flags, but how much is spent on them? #buyamerican
A. 4.4 Million was spent on imported USA flags last year and 4.3 million came from China. #buyamerican

Q. Do you owned an imported American Flag? If so why? #buyamerican
A. I don't own any imported American Flags and Never will. #buyamerican

Q. How much is spent on fireworks each year? #buyamerican
A. Last year consumers spent more than $311.7 million on fireworks most imported from China. #buyamerican

Q. How much is spent on food for July 4th? #buyamerican
A. Last year Americans spent 6.8 Billion on food for July 4th.

Q. Did you know July was National Hot Dog Month? #buyamerican
A. Last year on July 4th we ate 150 million hot dogs enough to go to LA to NYC 5x #buyamerican

Q. What is one of the most popular drinks on July 4th? #buyamerican
A. If you said beer, you are correct. 547.2 Million bottles & cans. Consumed on July 4th. #buyamerican
    On a side note. Most National brands are not American owned. I buy from local microbreweries. #buyamerican

Q. Are men or women more patriotic on July4th? #buyamerican
A. According to a 2016 Gallup poll men are 53% more patriotic than women at 50% of those surveyed. #buyamerican

Q. What other things do people spend money on for their July 4th celebrations? #buyamerican
A. Outdoor Furniture, Lighting, etc.



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