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Beauty Products Made in USA is big business

The Beauty products industry creates over a million jobs a year and growing. Check out our #buyamerican tweet chat as we talk about the business of looking good.

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Beauty Products Made in USA and Overseas is Big Business
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The Beauty Products industry generates billions of dollars each year. According to one study the average woman will spend around $300,000 dollars in their lifetime on Beauty Products Made in the USA and Made overseas.

Women spend around $43.00 on cosmetics and other beauty related products that includes: makeup, cosmetics, blush, lipstick, mascara, etc. when they shop. This doesn't include foot care products which by itself is an over 3 billion dollar a year industry.

Did you know that the top selling Beauty Products in the USA are foundation, mascara, lipstick and eye liner.

The beauty industry creates over one million jobs a year and this number is increasing. 57% of women surveyed purchase their cosmetics from Walmart and Target.

There are many companies that manufacture and make their beauty products in the USA and the cost is less than higher end cosmetic brands that sell lip stick for $24.00 to $47.00 per tube.

82% of women said that wearing makeup increases their self confidence.

90% of social media interactions by beauty companies done on social media is through Instagram.

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