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Back to School Supplies Made in the USA

Get an A+ for checking the labels and buying Made in USA school supplies. Here is a list of school supplies that are Made in the USA to get you started.

Back to School Supplies Made in USA

We've made back to school shopping a little easier with a list of Back to School Supplies & Clothing Made in the USA. Want to go to the head of the class this school year? Then purchase products with the Made in the USA label when you can.


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CRAYOLA - their crayons are made in the USA. However, not all of their products are Made in the USA. But Crayola does have a Made in America section on their website where you can get a list of the products that are made in their Pennsylvania facility.

MEAD - notebooks and composition books are Made in the USA. Shop in August for great deals on these products.

SCOTCH™ TAPE - made in the USA since 1930. Stock up for back to school but also for your Christmas gift wrapping.

GOODWEAR - find back to school clothing Made in the USA. Great selection of tee shirts, long sleeve henleys, hoodies and sweatshirts to keep you looking great.

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