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Putting America First: These are the Top 10 American Made Clothing Brands

For the discerning buyer who must have made in the U.S.A., All Seasons Work Uniforms wants to be the solution. Nothing would make us happier than to help you outfit every team member.

All Season American Made Clothing

When it comes to putting workers into work wear, the question often comes up, which are the brands making it happen in the United States? Many companies have figured out that they can make more affordable clothes by moving their factories overseas, but there is a market for made in U.S.A. Stateside employers still demand the opportunity to purchase and provide brands built by the same working people they employ. It’s a reasonable request. For that reason, when it comes down finding uniforms made in the U.S.A. there are still a few good brands ready to compete for buyers’ business. Here are ten good ones.

Clothing Made in USAStan Ray

When the company that employed Earl Beard laid him off for the third time, he decided it was time to take his life into his own hands. It was 1972 when he began his clothing company. The plan was to make quality workwear, but he had no idea how far that dream would carry him. With a few sewing machines from his now-former employer, Beard set about building the Stan Ray brand from his base in Crockett, Texas. He picked up a contract with the U.S. Military to supply uniforms through the 70s.  By the 1980s, Beard began branding a line of pants named after his first son, Stan Ray. The brand retained the standards demanded by Beard since the beginning, the level of construction demanded by the U.S. Military. Today, the Stan Ray remains a family-run private business, 100 percent made in the United States with pride.

Clothing Made in USACamber

Based in Norristown, Pennsylvania, Camber Sportswear is a privately held company specializing in mens’ and boys’ sportswear and athletic wear. In the beginning, it was only Leo Schwartz and his son (and partner), Barry with a simple vision. They wanted to make high quality sweatshirts. That was in 1982. Since then, the brand and the lineup has grown to include high quality t-shirts, outerwear, workwear, and of course, a selection of sweatshirts that will take on everything you’ve got and still look great. Don’t go searching at the mall for Camber’s gear, though. One can only find through reputable distributors like All Seasons Work Uniforms.

Clothing Made in USAUnion Line

For over a century, started in 1907 by the Rubin Brothers in Chicago, the Union Line Clothing continues to honor a tradition of quality workmanship, fabrics, and superior customer service. What they make are union made clothes, by union workers, for union workers. Union Line specializes in custom manufacturing with all types of apparel, from t-shirts to outer wear.  Union Line employs in-house departments for design, manufacturing, and embroidery.

work wear made in usaExtremegard

When Vadim Karapetyan first opened doors on Extremegard in Miami, Florida in 1999, the goal was to make high quality insulated uniforms for commercial walk-in freezers and coolers. As it turned out, there was a huge opportunity for wrapping workers in warm and comfortable work wear. It’s not just cold weather work environments, like security or police forces, which mandate warm work wear. There’s also the sort of labor that involves walk-in freezers. Extremegard outfits meat industry and dairy processing jobs, but also jobs in produce and floral processing. Of course, restaurant and food service workers have always had to be in and out of freezers, but so can jobs in medicine or pharmaceutical. Going on almost two decades in the business, Extremegard still makes all their clothes in the United States. Headquarters have moved to Tullahoma, Tennessee, but they still keep workers as warm and comfortable as a Miami beach.

clothing made in usaRound House

The year 1903 would give rise to some landmark innovations, the first human airplane flight, Ford automobiles, and the Round House brand of clothes. Near the banks of the Northern Canadian River, in Shawnee, Oklahoma, was where Round House workwear was born. The name came from the railroad repair station in Shawnee, a unique, round stone landmark at the time. The Round House brand quickly developed a reputation amongst rail workers for being a rugged, but affordable brand of jeans or overalls. By 1910, Round House outgrew the original factory, and had to move. The new factory was twice the size. The brand grew steadily in the 20th century. By World War II, it was the preferred brand for U.S. Army khakis. In the 1960s, when jeans moved from workwear into the fashion of counter culture, the jean explosion caused Round House to go international, but they never closed the Oklahoma factory. The Round House standard has always been “fit best, wear longest,” and they have always been made in the U.S.A. 

work wear made in usaTopps

In 1938, two brothers, Jack and Seymour Elin founded Topps Safety Apparel Inc. in Rochester, Indiana. At that time, the United States stood between two huge events, the Great Depression and World War II. Topps Safety Apparel Inc. came out from that challenging time offering garments built with the highest levels of product performance available. Made in the U.S.A. was part of the plan from the beginning. Today the brand sells outside the United States, but it’s still 100 percent a U.S. based brand. In fact, Topps home offices are still in Rochester. Manufacturing comes out of Edmonton, Kentucky. In 1997, Alan Dorrell took control of the company in 1997. As it always has been, the top focus of the brand remains customer satisfaction. In fact, Topps maintains a certification by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for their quality assurance procedures.

clothing made in usaGung Ho

To know the story of Gung Ho is to know the story of Earl Beard of Stan Ray. Both brands started under the watchful eye of Beard, under Earl’s Apparel Group. Gung Ho is also in Crockett, Texas, which one finds in east Texas. The area may be what helped shapes the styles of Gung Ho, which tends to be more youthful and adventurous than Beard’s other brands. East Texas is the part of Texas known for forest, lakes and fancy old homes. It’s the kind of place where one wants to throw on a pair of duck weave trousers and stomp around, perfect for a pair of pants from Gung Ho. 

clothing made in usaKing Louie

The year 2017 marks 80 years of quality, value, and first class service for the King Louie brand. What started in 1937, has only grown since those humble beginnings. Started by two brothers in Kansas City, Morris and Victor Lerner, the King Louie brand was once the Lerner Cap Company. The brothers did so well, by 1944 they had to open another factory. In 1946, they moved the factory to Baxter, changing the name to Lerner Brothers Manufacturing Company.  When the brothers passed the business down to the next generation, family members sold their shares to outside investors. The brand became an international one, taking the name King Louie International, Inc. Mike Lerner, the son of Morris, felt the brand suffered from the international market so in 2006 he bought the domestic division of the brand. He restored the made in the U.S.A. to the family business, but kept the international name.

socks made in usaExtra Wide Sock Co.

It was 1997 when Bruce Kraus and Karen Albaum started Chicago, Illinois with a simple idea. They would manufacture socks for people who struggled to find the right fit in socks. Extra Wide Sock Co., as the name implies, would supply the more well-endowed among us, folks with longer or wider than average feet. Bruce and Karen accomplished this by building their product from the toe up, literally. They custom engineered machines to make socks wide in the foot, ankle, and leg. From the beginning, it’s been a family run affair, manufactured with pride in the United States, and in twenty years, not much has changed. People still struggle to find comfort in the one-size fits all culture of the sock industry. They turn to Extra Wide Sock Co. for the right fit. The company is still in Illinois, although they’ve since moved to Elk Grove Village. More importantly, they’re still made in the Unites States.

work uniforms made in usaBayside

When Bayside started, they had just a few sewing machines and one mission. They wanted to produce high quality garments at competitive prices, with a caveat. The clothes had to be made in the U.S.A. To stay fresh, they focused on keeping the products fresh. This meant staying ahead what colors were trending, then working those options into high quality fabrics. Quality assembly from Bayside comes down to a combination of American workmanship and the right manufacturing machines. Every piece from Bayside, as it has been since the beginning, comes off the line with precision execution every time.

For the discerning buyer who must have made in the U.S.A., All Seasons Work Uniforms wants to be the solution. Nothing would make us happier than to help you outfit every team member. Let our team, also a U.S. company, help to find the right line of work wear to make your team feel comfortable, safe, and professional. Contact us today.

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All Seasons Uniforms Made in USA
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