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Protecting your solid wood furniture when you move

There is nothing worse than moving and finding out that your treasured oak kitchen table or heirloom buffet was damaged during the move.

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There’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a piece of solid wood furniture damaged during a move. We treasure our solid wood heirlooms for their beauty and the generations of stories they bring along with them. Here are some tips on how to protect solid wood furniture when moving to ensure it arrives at its new home safely.

You can use this checklist as a guide for taking inventory, labeling, wrapping, and securing your solid wood furniture so it’s ready for the road ahead.

Take Inventory

  • Make a list of the wood furniture you’re going to move so you can plan accordingly and allow ample time to disassemble and prepare it.
  • Take measurements of doorways, hallways, elevators, stairways, and any place your furniture must fit through.

Have the Right Tools and Equipment Ready

  • Gather tools needed to remove table legs, table tops, doors, and bed frames.
  • Have envelopes and plastic sandwich bags (or larger ones if needed) ready along with a permanent marker to collect and label any nuts, bolts, washers, and furniture pieces you remove.
  • Collect items for protection like cloths, linens, padding, and furniture blankets.
  • Gather items for securing like twine and packing tape.
  • Get a furniture dolly with a strap for larger, heavier items.

Disassemble and Label

  • Remove all knobs, handles, casters, finials, and small pieces that can come loose and place them in an envelope and label it. Be sure not to tape anything to the furniture in order to protect the finish.
  • Remove legs if possible.
  • Remove shelves. Wrap them in padding and label them.
  • Take apart bed frames. Save all nuts, bolts, and washers in plastic bags labeled with the piece of furniture they belong to along with the tools needed for reassembly.

Secure It

  • Tie any drawers or cabinets shut with twine and place padding between the twine and the wood. Never tape doors or drawers shut.
  • Remove cushions and pillows and place them in clear plastic bags, making sure there are no holes in the bags. Don’t clean upholstery before a move, do it after.

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Amish Furniture Made in America
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