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Take the $64 Buy American Christmas Challenge

The Buy American for Christmas Movement is Still Going Strong in 2017 and BuyDirectUSA.com invites you to participate in the annual $64 Buy American Christmas Challenge. Let's help create jobs this Christmas.

Buy American Christmas Challenge

Take the $64 Buy American Christmas Challenge

Did you know that if everyone spent at least $64.00 on American made gifts for Christmas 2017 the "result would be 200,000 new jobs," accoring to ABC News. Can you imagine if that number was doubled or even tripled each year how many more jobs could potentially be created here in the USA.

Getting the Buy Made in America for Christmas message is important and we applaud Diane Sawyer and MIACO for reminding consumers that purchasing even one, two or three gifts made in the USA this Christmas can make a difference.

When we started talking about Buying American 19 years ago we never dreamed there would be so many people and organizations that would join us in our mission: to create jobs for Americans and promote American manufacturing and American made products.

According to the annual survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics consumers will spend an "average of $967.13 this Christmas, up 3.4% from the $935.58 consumers said they would spend when surveyed at the same time last year."

So how does this spending break down? Consumers will spend "$608.00 on gifts for friends, family and co-workers, $218.00 on candy, food and decorations and $141.00 on other non-gift purchases for themselves and families."

This Christmas we challenge you to purchase at least $64.00 in products that are Made in the USA because every $64.00 spent on products made in America means more jobs are created here at home.

Shop our 2017 Christmas Gift Guide and our Christmas Sales to find great products Made in the USA.


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