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Made in America Christmas Gift Guide - Week Four

Week 4 of our Made in America Christmas Gift Guide features gifts for sleeping in, gifts for the front door, gifts to stay warm in, gifts for the outdoors and more.

Christmas Gift Ideas Made in the USA Week 4


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Made in America Christmas Gift Guide - Week Four

More gift ideas that are Made in the USA for Christmas. This week our focus is on comfort. Whether it is the great memories the smell of a fresh cut Christmas wreath brings or cooking up favorite comfort foods to staying cozy indoors and outside or just bringing the family together for an outdoor adventure. We hope that these gift ideas will inspire you and get you in the Christmas spirit. There are two more weeks of great gifts ideas coming so stay tuned.

Check out these great items below from some of our manufacturers and retailers. P.S. Santa says order early to ensure delivery by Christmas!

1. Women's 3/4 Sleeve Scoop Neck Night Shirt by Goodwear
Created with comfort in mind. This Night Shirt by Goodwear brand offers softness and warmth for those chilly winter nights. A beautiful way to stay warm and look great. Comes in a cute travel bag that reads: soft, warm, comfortable and great in bed.

Womens Sleepshirt by Goodwear

2. Regal Christmas Wreath by Christmas Forest
This Christmas wreath is fit for a king. Made with the  freshest Noble fir boughs and Princess Pine from the Cascade Mountains that are selectively harvested and assembled with utmost care. Adorned with pastel blue juniper berries, pale yellow incense buds, Ponderosa Pine Cones and a luxurious red velvet bow. Measures 25" in diameter. More wreath styles available at Christmas Forest.

Regal Christmas Wreath by Christmas Forest

3. Epicurean Pizza Set by Llyod Pans Kitchenware
The ultimate gift for pizza connoisseurs. The Epicurean Pizza Set includes every tool needed to make exceptional pizzas from deep dish, thin crust, thick crust to crispy crust. This pizza lovers set includes: 16" Perforated Pizza Pan for thin and medium crust pizza, 12"x2.25" Deep Dish Pizza Pan with raised perforations, 16"x24" WoodFiber Peel for handling hot pans and for cutting, Pizza Cooling Ring to prevent soggy crusts, Dough Docker for preparing dough, Pizza Wheel Cutter and Pizza Server.


Pizza Set by Lloyd Pans

4. Double Bottom MocSocks® by Janska
Our MocSocks now have 2 layers of fleece on the soles. These unisex, pull-on skid-resistant booties now offer more strength, protection, and comfort than ever before. Wear them at home, to bed, or inside boots to keep your feet warm, dry, and happy. Available in 8 different colors.

MocSocks by Janska

5. Super Rope Cinch
Makes tying and untying a rope so easy anyone can do it with just a simple twist. Great for camping, backpacking, tying down luggage, boats, tents, tools and any place else you fasten with a rope. Plus it makes a great stocking stuffer too.

Super Rope Cinch Made in USA

6. The Patriot by L.T. Wright Knives
A great all day, every day knife. This little knife will be a companion that will do everything from opening boxes at the office to being an impromptu bug out knife and emergency blade. Availble to purchase with or without leather sheath.

Patriot Knife

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