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RX4Nails - The Many Hats of a Small Business Owner

Big Dreams, Big Ambitions Made in the USA. How one woman makes her small business selling Organic fingernail and cuticle oils work.

The Many Hats of a Small Business Owner Big Dreams, Big Ambitions

Being a small business owner has inherent challenges we face every day. Some have employees to assist them with various tasks; many more have numerous employees who fulfill every type of support role imaginable. 

And then there’s the nano-business-wanna-be, which would be the scale of Rx4Nails.

But I’m Only One Woman!

I didn’t plan to start a business. One day I was refilling my dropper bottle and talking to a friend, he got quite excited and said, “You should sell this stuff!” Off it went, fast as a cheetah chasing its dinner. 

Fortunately this friend is a webmaster, whew! Since I’m relatively totally techno-challenged, he helps with all things technical. I take care of 99% of the other tasks; phone orders or questions, mixing the product, bottling, labeling, ordering, and so on.

The biggest most frustrating, difficult, and somewhat annoying, challenge for Rx4Nails is—marketing! It’s a struggle to write an ad that packs a punch and delivers the customer to my Inbox. I’ve used Adwords for years, often to the point of practically screaming at my computer! Counterproductive to be sure. Blogging? ME? Ok, this is my first business blog. It’s too long. It’s probably boring. There are a thousand things I could be doing. But here goes. 

With social media becoming more important than Adwords (snickering quietly), blogging, writing articles, getting in front of news people, FINDING news people, and constantly improving customer service are invaluable tools. I’m slow, but learning. 

One thing I really love about this business is when a customer or a potential customer calls me. I've been blessed to get to know a few of them well, and always look forward to our conversations. Even though they're able to, and have ordered on the website, sometimes they just like to talk. No problem! I enjoy it. It's great fun. Also, people frequently call or write to tell me their progress, and some of the comments just blow my hair back! They're delighted, they've finally found something that works, and can stop wasting time and money on other products. I often get comments like this:

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for this wonderful product. I have been using it for only one week and it has performed a MIRACLE on my nails. They were very damaged from acrylics and toxic nail polish, etc. I have been struggling with them for months, trying to get them back to a healthy state. After just this first week of using Rx4 Nails, there is a HUGE difference in my nails and I am so pleased. I have just ordered 2 of your largest size containers and will continue to use your product forever. It is truly amazing." Thank you, Kim

I work entirely at home. No overhead. I’d love to have a factory and employ people—it’s to this end I’m working this side of product promotion. Is it easy? Yes and no. But then I don’t need a business casual wardrobe! Compromises can be great. When I get to the factory stage, you can bet it will still be a company with happy employees.

Make it so!


P.S. This product, and the packaging, is entirely Made in the USA. It's 100% money-back guaranteed--and if you don't like it, just email me, without returning a thing!


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