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Rx4Nails Made in the USA

Longer, Stronger, Healthier Nails, Guaranteed! If you're tired of peeling, chipping, brittle nails and cracked cuticles, this is the product for you. 100% Organic. Made in the USA.

Rx4 Nails Beauty Products Made in USA

Organic Fingernail and Cuticle Oil For
Longer, Stronger, Healthier Nails. Guaranteed!

The Rx4Nails Story

Some time ago, I managed to get myself involved in producing a specialty item food product. After a few days of elbow-deep work, I noticed my nails had grown a good 1/16th of an inch!

For me this is a miracle. I also noticed they didn't bend, tear, or break. Now I have to file my nails back when they're too long! Who knew? Not me, I never had nails beyond the quick before - much less beyond the tip of my finger.

I knew it could only be due to the single liquid ingredient, so I started messing with it, and voila, a product was born! I realized many women and men could have the longer, healthier nails that I now enjoy.

Organic Nail Care Made in USA

It only takes a few seconds to apply, and out the door you go. Here's how I do it:

  • Apply one drop to a fingernail, and "dot" the oil onto the other nails of that hand. Repeat on the other hand.
  • Massage into the nail, cuticle, and under the nail.
  • Use with nail polish, massaging the oil into the cuticle, nail edges, and under the tips-and still have stronger, healthier, prettier nails!
  • Done!

Who knew saving your nails could take only seconds? Seriously, could it get any easier?




Company Name: Rx4Nails
Address: San Marcos TX 78666
Phone: 509-539-9865
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