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Telic Footwear What Made In America Feels Like

Telic Footwear features Flip Flops that are comfortable, stylish and Made in the USA.

About Telic Footwear

The founders of Telic have been importing high quality footwear from overseas for the past five years. Two years ago, almost spontaneously, they asked themselves: Why not just build footwear in America? Something for the current times offering comfort, style, and quality at an affordable price? With affordable lifestyle footwear in mind the Telic brand was born. Its product line features flip flops and slides with an anatomical design made from a lightweight, elastic, resilient polymer compound that retail at $39.95 a pair.

In an industry now dominated by Chinese and foreign-made products Telic has had to deal with ample doubt and resistance by many others. However this resistance and these barriers where overcome and appropriately on July 4, 2012 Telic was launched in the United States through over 120 stores across the country. All of the company’s marketing proudly revolves around its slogan “What Made In America Feels Like”. Due to its amazing comfort and “Made in the U.S.A.” unique selling points the brand has immediately gained incredible momentum. Worldwide several international distributors are already selling Telic in their countries and regions. 

Telic has an ambitious business model that has not been pursued in this industry for many decades. The company plans to introduce several styles of exciting footwear in the years to come, all made domestically.

Currently Telic Flip Flops are available in the following colors: Coffee Bean, Midnight Black and Pink Flamingo, Snow White, Grape Vine, Sweet Tangerine, Deep Ocean, Key Lime, Aqua Lagoon and Fresh Cranberry. 

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Website: http://www.telicfootwear.com
Company Name: Telic Footwear
Phone: 208-287-3644
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Telic Footwear What Made in America Feels Like
Telic Footwear What Made in America Feels Like