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The St. Peter Woolen Mill Of St. Peter, Minnesota

St. Peter Woolen Mill manufactures its own line of Wool Bedding called Nature's Comfort. Choose from Wool Mattress Pads, Comforter Inserts and Pillows.

About The St. Peter Woolen Mill

Since 1867, the St. Peter Woolen Mill in St. Peter, MN  has been committed to providing our customers with the highest quality green products and services at a competitive price. 

Our luxurious wool-filled comforters, mattress toppers and pillows have been refined through 4 generations of family dedicated to recognition of the value of traditional wool bedding with an emphasis on renewability and sustainability.

 Today, the St. Peter Woolen Mill is one of only five mills in the United States which does custom wool processing and will return a customer's own wool as a finished or semi-finished wool bedding product.  Think about refurbishing an heirloom quilt or freshen up your well-used comforter. The St. Peter Woolen Mill's wool products reflect the family emphasis of the business. Wool-filled comforters and wool mattress pads are heirlooms, passed from one generation to the next.

A result of the St. Peter Woolen Mill's dedication to quality is the Nature's Comfort line. The Nature's Comfort line includes a wool-filled comforter, wool pillow and a wool mattress pad. Make an investment in your comfort. Design your bedroom in luxury and discover the magic of wool for the rest of your life.

Nature's Comfort Wool Mattress Pads

Cushion yourself on a cloud of wool.  Nature's Comfort  Wool Mattress Pad is filled with 100% high-loft virgin wool and covered in a 230 thread count 100% cotton ticking.  The elastic straps on the corners will help hold the pad in place. 

The standard wool pad is a splendid choice for year-round comfort, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  However, if you like a nesting feeling when you sleep, let the deluxe wool pad cradle you and wrap you in incredible comfort and warmth.  Allow 4 weeks for processing. 

Nature's Comfort Wool-Fill Comforter Inserts

Now you can have the easy care and comfort of our wool-fill all natural  comforter.  Our Nature's Comfort wool comforter compares in warmth and appearance to a down comforter,but is more breathable and can be used all year.  This European style wool comforter can be used with or without a duvet cover. 

It's filled with 100% virgin high-loft wool, and covered with lightweight, high-quality combed 230 thread count 100% cotton fabric.  The channel stitched wool filling will not shift, and can be recycled (re-carded) to renew its loft.  It's the last comforter  you'll need to buy.  Allow 4 weeks for processing.



Nature's Comfort Wool Pillows

Pure sleeping pleasure.  Our wool pillows are filled with 100% new wool.  The breathability of wool makes this pillow ideal for absorbing perspiration without feeling moist.  It helps regulate your head and body temperature.  Allow 4 weeks for processing.

* Soft wool pillows are best for those who sleep on their backs & stomachs, for children, and for those
who like to fold their pillows.

* Firm wool pillows work best for side sleepers and folks with wide shoulders.

For many of our wide-shouldered, side-sleeping customers, stacking a soft wool pillow on top of a
firm wool pillow provides a perfect amount of height and softness - consider getting one of each.



Website: http://www.woolenmill.com/
Company Name: The St. Peter Woolen Mill, Inc.
Address: 101 W. Broadway Avenue St. Peter, MN 56082
Phone: 507-934-3734
Fax: 507-934-9040
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St. Peter Woolen Mill Natures Comfort
St. Peter Woolen Mill Natures Comfort