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Basis Pet - Pet Products Made in USA

We stock safe, healthy and natural pet supplies for Dogs and Cats. Shop for stainless steel dog and cat bowls Made in the USA. Pet bowl stands & holders and dog toys.

Stainless Steel Dog and Cat Bowls Made in the USA by Basis Pet

Shopping for Pet Supplies Should be Stress-Free

Basis Pet was started for one reason: to offer safe, natural pet supplies online. Every single product we sell is healthy and high-quality.

When my dog developed allergies, I had to shop carefully for his food, toys, and supplies. I was spending too much time in the aisles of pet stores poring over product descriptions, trying to find toys, chews, and food that wouldn't make him sick.

Finally it dawned on me: stress-free shopping for your pet shouldn't be so complicated! I decided to find and make the pet supplies I want for my own pet and sell them online.

The Basis Pet Mission

  • To sell simple, single-ingredient items made with natural materials.
  • To offer products made in the USA whenever possible.
  • To offer products I would give to my own pet.
  • To never, ever compromise on quality.

Stainless Steel Dog and Cat Bowls Manufactured in the USA

Stainless steel is regarded by most to be the best material for dog and cat food and water bowls. At Basis Pet we certainly agree. It is not only durable but easy to keep clean. Plastic quickly accumulates scratches which can harbor bacteria. Ceramic is great when new, but needs to be replaced if even small cracks or chips appear in its finish. And glass? Well just imagine accidentally dropping a glass bowl full of food in front of a hungry dog or cat anxious to start chowing down.

However, not all stainless steel is equal. Some foreign made stainless steel pet bowls have been found with high levels of lead and some were even recalled for being 'slightly' radioactive.

Stainless Steel Pet Bowls Made in the USAWe only use USA made stainless steel in our dog and cat bowls. It is a heavy weight, durable, 22 gauge US stainless steel that's dishwasher safe. Prior to use, all of our stainless steel must pass an extensive metallurgical analysis that confirms it's a high quality, 304 series (sometimes called 18/8) stainless steel. Our bowls are 100% Made in the USA in a facility that typically makes human grade products for the healthcare and food industries.

Our Stainless Steel Dog Bowls are available in small, medium, large and extra large. Our Stainless steel cat bowls are available in small only. They are designed to prevent whisker stress and are a mix between a bowl and a saucer.

Bowl Stands, Holders & Mats Made in the USA

If you dog or cat requires their food and water bowls to be elevated we offer bowl stands and holders that are made to fit the bowls we sell on our website. Our 100% Made in the USA Ultra Grip Mini Pet Bowl Mats are a simple option to keep food and water bowls from sliding, clanging, and/or scraping as your pet eats or drinks.

Dog Toys Made in the USA

Dogs love to play and their toys can take a beating. We carry a line of safe and durable dog toys that are Made in the USA. Did you know there are no safety regulations on toys for pets? The pet toys we offer are voluntarily held to a set of high safety standards and/or independently tested for safety.

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