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Our Buy American Made features articles that support and promote the Buy American Movement. At BuyDirectUSA.com we know how important it is to encourage Made in America and help keep Americans Working and create more jobs in the USA.
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What does Made in USA actually mean? The Made in USA label is protected by the Federal Trade Commission and the standards are stricter than you might think. Just making your product in the USA does not mean you can label it Made in USA.
Think nothing is made in America? Output has doubled in 30 Years American manufacturing is not dead by any means. But the loss of good paying manufacturing jobs has devastated the working class, and made reaching the American dream more difficult.
Buying American is not just about patriotism for some For many consumers Made in the USA gives assurance to the quality of the product and the hope that fellow Americans will keep working.
Zuckerberg Rejects America First, Calls For Global Community Our greatest opportunities are now global said Zuckerberg like spreading prosperity and freedom, promoting peace and understanding, lifting people out of poverty, etc. Yet he wants more H1-B Visas. Do you know why?
Those Valentine's Day Flowers May Not Be Grown in the USA The California trade groupís research shows that 74 percent of the consumers have no idea that the flowers they are buying are being imported. Senator urges consumers to buy domestic flowers & plants.
Getting back to Made in USA is a group effort How bad is it? During one recent year, the United States exported $5.8 billion worth of apparel, while importing clothes valued at $80 billion, according to the Department of Commerce.
The Border Patrol Wants to Buy American In 2007 the Border Patrol ditched its old straight-legged uniform in favor of more modern, and utilitarian, cargo pants with nylon belts and its made overseas. Border agents say letting foreign factories produce official uniforms creates a security risk.
Livonia kids learn what manufacturing is all about Some 600 Livonia area students got an up-close view of industry during Manufacturing Day at Alpha USA. This is the second year Livonia students participated in the annual nationwide effort to introduce young people to the modern world of manufacturing.
More Consumers Seeking Products Made in the USA Searches for Made in USA and Made in America have climbed sharply from just a few years ago. Made in USA recently hit 94 on a 100-point scale, indicating peak search interest.
New Bill Could Require Government to Buy American Flags Made in America Representative Gwen Graham is co-sponsoring a bill to require the Federal Government to only purchase and use American flags made in America. Current law only requires the Federal Government to purchase flags made of 50 percent American-made.
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