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Our Buy American Made features articles that support and promote the Buy American Movement. At BuyDirectUSA.com we know how important it is to encourage Made in America and help keep Americans Working and create more jobs in the USA.
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Why is Smithfield Foods, Owned by China Treating North Carolina Like the Developing World? Loose business and environmental regulations, especially in red states, which have made the U.S. an increasingly attractive place for foreign companies to offshore costly and harmful business practices.
17 Children's Makeup Kits Pulled After Testing Positive for Asbestos These products were sold in Claire's stores and Asbestos was found in a variety of the samples taken, including blush, compact powder, and eye shadow. According to the SAI report all of the makeup tested positive at alarming rates.
California Schools Get a Failing Grade for Complying with Buy American Requirements In 2015 the Sacramento City Unified School District was criticized for buying canned peaches, pears & applesauce from China. which was a violation of the Buy American provision of the National School Lunch Act.
What does the Buy American executive order mean for the transportation industry? There are two main objectives of the Buy American Order are to stimulate USA manufacturing by tightening requirements that industries use American made goods and to also review the current visa policy for skilled immigrant workers.
Buying American could create 400 jobs in Indiana, but will the feds do it? Industrial forklift maker Hoist Liftruck is hoping to ride a wave of Buy American sentiment into a lucrative contract to make container handlers that U.S. military forces could use on rough terrain.
What does Made in USA actually mean? The Made in USA label is protected by the Federal Trade Commission and the standards are stricter than you might think. Just making your product in the USA does not mean you can label it Made in USA.
Think nothing is made in America? Output has doubled in 30 Years American manufacturing is not dead by any means. But the loss of good paying manufacturing jobs has devastated the working class, and made reaching the American dream more difficult.
Buying American is not just about patriotism for some For many consumers Made in the USA gives assurance to the quality of the product and the hope that fellow Americans will keep working.
Zuckerberg Rejects America First, Calls For Global Community Our greatest opportunities are now global said Zuckerberg like spreading prosperity and freedom, promoting peace and understanding, lifting people out of poverty, etc. Yet he wants more H1-B Visas. Do you know why?
Those Valentine's Day Flowers May Not Be Grown in the USA The California trade groups research shows that 74 percent of the consumers have no idea that the flowers they are buying are being imported. Senator urges consumers to buy domestic flowers & plants.