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China to Open Robot Factory in Arkansas to Make Made in America Shirts Sometime in 2018 China will open the largest Sew Bot Factory in Arkansas and begin making shirts at a cost of only thirty-three cents each. While these shirts may have the Made in America label they will not be made by an American owned company.
Why we should move Americans to jobs instead of jobs to Americans The absurdity of tax incentives to create jobs reached new heights last month with Wisconsinís deal that will reportedly cost taxpayers more than $100,000 per job.
Reshoring growing but what's next? Let's keep the reshoring trend growing. For the first time in decades, more manufacturing jobs are returning to the United States than are going offshore.
Buy American Laws Will Impact Supply Chains for Federal Contractors The Department of Defense and the Department of Commerce, together with the White House, are taking steps to ensure enforcement of Buy American Laws. It requires the federal government make a preference for domestic goods & manufactured products.
Onshoring increasing nicely in 2017 The number of companies bringing production back to the US or initiating production here has jumped since the 2016 election. In first quarter 2017 that number reached nearly 45,000, up from just over 30,000.
US Manufacturers are Producing More with Less Workers Most Americans unaware that as U.S. manufacturing jobs have disappeared, output has grown. Due in part to the manufacturing industry investing in more machinary, workers becoming more skilled and educated and the streamlining of the manufacturing process.
American Coal Supplier Negotiates Deal to Supply Coal to the Ukraine America's Xcoal Energy & Resources will supply 700,000 tons of coal to Ukraine in 2017. While the Uktaine is coal-rich country social unrest has stopped coal deliveries in parts of the region.
New Law Would Require Erie County to Purchase American Made Products Voters in Erie County New York may get to decide if all county purchases over $10,000 would be from American manufacturers.
California Schools Get a Failing Grade for Complying with Buy American Requirements In 2015 the Sacramento City Unified School District was criticized for buying canned peaches, pears & applesauce from China. which was a violation of the Buy American provision of the National School Lunch Act.
BuyDirectUSA.com Sponsors Featured at the White House During Made in America Week We just want to say congratulations again to everyone who was invited to attend the round table at the White House in July. It is our hope that American manufacturing will continue to grow and in turn help keep jobs in America.