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To workers hit by factory closures NAFTA was a disaster You donít have to go far to find blue collar workers who point directly at NAFTA as the driving force behind the decline of U.S. manufacturing.
Manufacturing Facility to Create 50 New Jobs in Chesapeake Atlantic Core Building Products plans to invest $3 million to build a manufacturing operation facility in the city. He says the project by the manufacturer of steel and commercial construction projects will create 50 new jobs.
What does Made in USA actually mean? The Made in USA label is protected by the Federal Trade Commission and the standards are stricter than you might think. Just making your product in the USA does not mean you can label it Made in USA.
Will Consumers pay more for Made in the US products? Hands down, and to no surprise, food was the item that most consumers said they would be more likely buy if it was made in the USA. Second to food was apparel. Apparel edged in front of categories like home appliances, footwear, and even cars.
AT&T Agrees to Re-source Jobs Back to United States The union representing AT&T workers in five southern states announced that it has reached a tentative agreement with At&T Southwest to hire 3,000 American workers to do jobs previously done overseas.
Keystone pipeline will not be built using US steel The Keystone XL oil pipeline won't have to use American steel in its construction, despite what President Donald Trump says because the directive applies to new pipelines or those under repair.
For More Chinese Firms. It Pays to Make It in the USA Chinese manufacturers are setting up factories in the US. This is a trend set to accelerate if Trump taxes imports
What happened when factory jobs moved from Warren, OH to Juarez, Mexico The cost of cheap overseas labor has impacted not only workers in the US but in Mexico also. This article takes a look at two people struggling to make ends meet for their families.
Think nothing is made in America? Output has doubled in 30 Years American manufacturing is not dead by any means. But the loss of good paying manufacturing jobs has devastated the working class, and made reaching the American dream more difficult.
Buying American is not just about patriotism for some For many consumers Made in the USA gives assurance to the quality of the product and the hope that fellow Americans will keep working.