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White House Wants to Crack Down on Fake Made in America Labeling & Products The United States loses about $300 billion a year to theft of intellectual property ranging from semiconductors to jeans, the official said.
U.S. Rep. Tenney wants the Department of Defense to purchase flatware Made in America - UPDATED Tenney's amendment would ensure that the military buys only 100 percent American Made flatware with materials sourced in the United States Currently Sherill Manufacturing is now the only supplier wo makes their flatware in the USA.
What does the Buy American executive order mean for the transportation industry? There are two main objectives of the Buy American Order are to stimulate USA manufacturing by tightening requirements that industries use American made goods and to also review the current visa policy for skilled immigrant workers.
Three GM vehicles top Kogod Made in America study The highest-ranked cars are made by U.S.-based manufacturers using American engines and transmissions, and (with a high) percentage of U.S. and Canadian parts, the study concluded.
For China, buy American means something else The United States government, including the Department of Defense, is at risk of allowing some of its most sensitive information to be seen by a Chinese company whose chairman has close ties to that country’s Communist party.
Texas Buy American Bill Would Go Into effect May 2019 The bill would require state projects for buildings, roads and bridges to purchase iron and steel from American supplies as long as the cost doesn't exceed 20 percent more for foreign imports.
Car maker committed to buying more American Parts for Alabama Plant Daimler AG the German company that makes Mercedes-Benz cars daid they would increated the number of parts it uses from American-based supplier factories.
Steelworkers, machinists upset with Harley-Davidson about plans for Thailand plant Harley says the plant won’t result in any U.S. job losses. The Thailand plant is scheduled to open in late 2018, Harley said Tuesday, and it will assemble bikes from components produced at the company’s U.S. facilities.
Carrier layoffs impacting more than 600 workers to begin this summer The company says around 630 people at their Indianapolis, IN facility will be laid off starting July 20 and lasting through the end of the year.
Buy American iron and steel bill upsets Canadian officials A recent call from Texas lawmakers to Buy American iron and steel has upset some northern neighbors worried about the implications such a measure will have on Texas-Canada trade relations.