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U.S. Rep. Tenney wants the Department of Defense to purchase flatware Made in America - UPDATED Tenney's amendment would ensure that the military buys only 100 percent American Made flatware with materials sourced in the United States Currently Sherill Manufacturing is now the only supplier wo makes their flatware in the USA.
What does the Buy American executive order mean for the transportation industry? There are two main objectives of the Buy American Order are to stimulate USA manufacturing by tightening requirements that industries use American made goods and to also review the current visa policy for skilled immigrant workers.
For China, buy American means something else The United States government, including the Department of Defense, is at risk of allowing some of its most sensitive information to be seen by a Chinese company whose chairman has close ties to that country’s Communist party.
What does Made in USA actually mean? The Made in USA label is protected by the Federal Trade Commission and the standards are stricter than you might think. Just making your product in the USA does not mean you can label it Made in USA.
China cheats on steel at the cost of U.S. jobs Last year, China produced that 100 million tons of steel it didn’t need to keep its domestic tranquility sustained. The excess was shipped overseas and depressed prices. Causing mill closures in the US and Europe.
China makes most of those 4th of July Fireworks. Making fireworks in China is a dangerous job. Between 1986 and 2005, an average of 400 people were killed every year making fireworks in China.
Buy American or Else. GOP plan to kill import cost tax write offs has retail industries alarmed. Republicans in the House of Representatives and President elect Donald Trump seem prepared to deal a blow to import dependent companies with taxes aimed at penalizing them for not buying Made in America goods.
Lawsuit says Purina, Wellpet brand made in USA dog foods actually are not The lawsuit alleges that the dog food which is marketed as made in the USA includes ingredients sourced from outside the US.
Cars Without Borders Does Made in America Really Matter Anymore? For all the talk about the resurgence of American automakers, "Made in America" is really a matter of marketing. For example, a Honda Accord made and assembled in America has 80% U.S.-sourced parts vs. 65% for a Ford Escape.
LaGuardia Airport Renovation Only 50% Made with USA Materials LaGuardia Airport to use foreign steel in Four Billion Dollar renovation. They have decided to forgo using only American Made Steel for the job and will use mainly Chinese Steel and some steel fabricated in China