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Oldest Candy Company May Go Out of Business. Consumers React by Hoarding Necco Wafers Hard to believe this chalky treat has such a cult like following. The Necco Wafter is one candy that people either love or absolutely hate. Either way it looks like the oldest operating candy company may be shuttering its doors soon.
Class Action Lawsuit Challenges New Balance Made in USA Claims The plaintiffs contend that New Balance has been able to overcharge consumers for the allegedly mislabeled shoes. According to the lawsuit, consumers are more inclined to purchase American-made products and will pay a premium for them.
Chinese Owned SmithField Foods Says Tariffs Imposed by China on Imports Will Create Headaches As China decides to slap tariffs on $3 billion worth of U.S. imports, including pork products it will have a direct impact on one of their own companies that operates in the US. Smithfield Foods has been owned by China since 2013.
Why is Smithfield Foods, Owned by China Treating North Carolina Like the Developing World? Loose business and environmental regulations, especially in red states, which have made the U.S. an increasingly attractive place for foreign companies to offshore costly and harmful business practices.
Mexican Auto Industry Association rejects U.S. proposals to increase North American content for autos produced in region This comes after a new NAFTA deal thar requires half of all content come from the United States. Currently only 62.5% of materials must be from North America to enter the marketplace tariff-free.
India's JSW Group Adding 500 New Jobs to Texas Economy The steel plant located in Baytown, TX will employ 500 people and the average salary will be $65,000 per employee. Perhaps this will encourage more American owned companies to bring more jobs to local economies and provide jobs for Americans.
USDA to Allow Chickens From U.S. to Be Shipped to China for Processing and Back to U.S. for Consumption Scores of Americans are in an uproar since Food Safety News revealed the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will soon allow U.S. chickens to be sent to China for processing before being shipped back to the states for human consumption.
US Steel To Reopen Idle Plant and Call Back 500 Employees Because of Tariffs If you don't make stuff, you can't have a strong country. You can't protect yourself and you go by the way of Greece or maybe Puerto Rico said U.S. Steel CEO David Burritt.
ALERT Senate Armed Services Committee wants to weaken Buy American Act rules McCain proposes end to long-held domestic sourcing protections that require the Defense Department to rely on American-made suppliers for certain products deemed critical to national security.
17 Children's Makeup Kits Pulled After Testing Positive for Asbestos These products were sold in Claire's stores and Asbestos was found in a variety of the samples taken, including blush, compact powder, and eye shadow. According to the SAI report all of the makeup tested positive at alarming rates.