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More food brands owned by China Smithfield Foods, Inc. announced the completion of the acquisition of Clougherty Packing LLC, parent company of Farmer John and Saags Specialty Meats brands and PFFJ LLC farm operations from Hormel Foods Corporation.
Ford cancels Mexico plant. Will create 700 US jobs Just hours before the Ford announcement, Trump criticized GM for producing cars in Mexico. All of the big car manufacturers currently have some production in Mexico.
Tesla Gigafactory Brings Battery Cell Production to the US One interesting takeaway from this news is that by bringing cell production to the U.S., Model 3 will likely become the world's most American-made vehicle. After Tesla brings cell production from Japan to the U.S. for its vehicles.
Warning regarding imported teething toy for babies Parents claim to find mold inside popular teething toy. That product being the adorable Sophie the Giraffe teething toy sold in stores such as Target and Amazon.
Mike Rowe responds to the naysayers of Fords decision to keep jobs in America Rowe, who used to be a spokesperson for Ford, wrote on Facebook that Tuesdays announcement was a big, fat victory for America and it should be celebrated.
 Sears selling Craftsman to Stanley Black & Decker CEO Ed Lampert promised to re-Americanize the brand by adding jobs in the United States as it shifts Craftsman manufacturing to its own plants stateside.
Buy American or Else. GOP plan to kill import cost tax write offs has retail industries alarmed. Republicans in the House of Representatives and President elect Donald Trump seem prepared to deal a blow to import dependent companies with taxes aimed at penalizing them for not buying Made in America goods.
Trump threatens Toyota over plan to build new plant in Mexico Toyota has had a manufacturing plant in Tijuana since 2002, and announced the new plant in April 2015. Trump warned that if he would hit the auto manufacturer with a big border tax if they carried through with plans to build the plant.
Where's the Best Place to Work in Manufacturing? Yet while American manufacturing isn't exactly thriving across the board in 2016, a new study shows industrial production still has signs of life in isolated markets across the country. Click link for top ten best places to work in manufacturing.
Getting back to Made in USA is a group effort How bad is it? During one recent year, the United States exported $5.8 billion worth of apparel, while importing clothes valued at $80 billion, according to the Department of Commerce.