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Read the latest news about US Jobs, Jobs moving away from the US. Get information about our economy. This includes off shoring, outsourcing and companies moving their jobs back from overseas to the US.
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Why we should move Americans to jobs instead of jobs to Americans The absurdity of tax incentives to create jobs reached new heights last month with Wisconsinís deal that will reportedly cost taxpayers more than $100,000 per job.
Reshoring growing but what's next? Let's keep the reshoring trend growing. For the first time in decades, more manufacturing jobs are returning to the United States than are going offshore.
Polaris plant in Milford, IA discontinues manufacturing, 330 jobs to be impacted Production in Milford will be transferred to other plants in Alabama, Minnesota and California between now and the end of the year.
More American Jobs Moving to Mexico Tool Works, Inc is closing their auto parts plant in Mazon, IL and moving to Mexico. Triumph Group, Inc in Spokane, WA is too as well as other companies.
Manufacturing Facility to Create 50 New Jobs in Chesapeake Atlantic Core Building Products plans to invest $3 million to build a manufacturing operation facility in the city. He says the project by the manufacturer of steel and commercial construction projects will create 50 new jobs.
AT&T Agrees to Re-source Jobs Back to United States The union representing AT&T workers in five southern states announced that it has reached a tentative agreement with At&T Southwest to hire 3,000 American workers to do jobs previously done overseas.
America Last 20 American-Born Companies that Have Sold Out to Foreign Interests Breitbart News has compiled a list some of these businesses, including Budweiser, Motorola, 7-Eleven, General Electric, Smithfield Foods, and Legendary Entertainment.
Intel plans to invest 7 billion in factory in Arizona Krzanich confirmed to CNBC that the investment over the next three to four years would be to complete a previous plant that was started and then left vacant.
GM and Chrysler have more workers in Mexico than Ford President elect Donald Trump has a huge problem with American jobs going to Mexico, especially when it comes to car manufacturing. Fiat Chrysler has 12,800 workers and GM has 15,000 in Mexico.
Buy American or Else. GOP plan to kill import cost tax write offs has retail industries alarmed. Republicans in the House of Representatives and President elect Donald Trump seem prepared to deal a blow to import dependent companies with taxes aimed at penalizing them for not buying Made in America goods.