Forget Dryer Sheets – Try Non-Toxic Made in USA Wool Dryer Balls Instead

Wool Dryer Balls Made in USA

Wool dryer balls are a safe, non-toxic and effective way to help dry your laundry. Just one reusable dryer ball can replace up to 1000 dryer sheets. It is recommended that you use at least three dryer balls in small to medium loads of laundry, larger loads may need five or six. They are usually sold in sets of three or more. Our set comes with three Wool Dryer Balls and a storage bag to help stow away with ease: Wool Dryer Ball Set

Unlike dryer sheets, dryer balls help your laundry dry faster. The wool dryer balls work by tumbling around in the dryer with the clothes and separating them which helps circulate the heat. Dryer balls also retain heat so they help dry your laundry even faster, all while reducing wrinkles and softening the clothes. It is said that using wool dryer balls can save you up to 25% of your normal drying time. That’s saving you time, energy and money.

You’ll see that many dryer balls sold in the USA are made using wool from New Zealand. Each American Blossom Linens Wool Dryer Ball is made with wool from sheep on a southwest Pennsylvania farm, near Pittsburgh. The dryer balls are all made by hand on the same farm.

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