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Growing up Friday night in my house was pizza night. Sometimes dad would get pizza from a local place and sometimes we had frozen pizza. Occasionally grandma would make pizza from scratch. While her crusts were delicious (she had a secret recipe from a neighbor who used to live in Sicily) she usually used too much sauce and the cheese would always slide right off the pizza when you tried to eat a piece. It never occurred to me that grandma’s pizza recipe could have been improved with a little less sauce and a lot more cheese. Sorry grandma.

Fast forward to today and for the most part I have kept up the Friday night pizza tradition. Most of the time I make my pizza from scratch but I usually use a recipe that lets me cheat on the crust by using self-rising yeast or a recipe for a flat bread crust. Sometimes I will make the crust from grandmas recipe and it brings back memories of watching her knead the dough, cover it with a flour sack towel, wait for it to rise and then punch the dough back down again and wait for it to rise a second time.

With the rising cost of food making pizza from scratch is a lot more affordable then getting it from your local pizza place and tastes 1000% better than any frozen pizza you can pick up at the grocery store.

The key to a great pizza is the crust. It has to be that perfect combination of crispy and chewy otherwise it’s just a soggy mess of sauce and cheese.
Unlike with frozen pizza you can’t just put scratch made pizza on the rack in your oven. You have to use a pizza pan. While some people swear by pizza stones I use a baking sheet because up until now I have not been able to find a pizza pan that is not aluminum or imported. Sure a rectangular pizza is not the traditional pizza shape (unless you order a Sicilian pizza) but it’s still pizza.

However if you want that traditional round pizza shape for your homemade pizza without using an imported pizza stone or an aluminum pizza pan you are going to be very happy to know that 360 cookware just came out with a stainless steel round pizza pan that is handcrafted in the USA. This pizza pan will make as many 12 inch pizzas as your heart desires. It’s oven safe up to 500 degrees and made using T-304 surgical grade stainless steel and did I mention it’s made in the USA. Psst it’s on my wish list for my birthday this year. Fingers crossed!

Click here to order the 360 Cookware Pizza Pan and use coupon code BuyDirectUSA to get 20% off your order.

Now that I have you craving homemade pizza here are some recipes for scratch made pizza crust to get you started. Sorry I’m not giving out grandmas recipe.

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