Stainless Tin Cup Made in the USA

Original Tin Cup, Co. Handmade in the USA

In the 1800’s when the trans-continental railroad was being built whiskey was a popular drink among the railroad workers. The only problem was that their glasses kept breaking. The solution to the broken glasses was cups that were fashioned out of tin. They soon discovered that the tin changed the taste of the whiskey and they preferred drinking from the tin cup over the glass cup.

At the Original Tin Cup® Company we have modeled our cups on those that were used over 100 years ago. While today’s cups are made of stainless steel, they still enhance the flavor profile of beverages enjoyed from them.

Made in the USA
Our products are hand-crafted, and locally packaged in Michigan.

Several Styles to Choose from (custom engraving also available):

Original Tin Cup®
The design of this cup is similar to what Railroad workers and miners used over 100 years ago.

The DOM®
This low-ball cup is sleek, simple, and yet refined. The gun-metal black finish along with the weighted bottom gives the cup a substantial feel, and is really pleasing to enjoy a beverage from.

The Tiny Tin®
This 2-ounce shooter style cup fits perfectly on the neck of your favorite bottle of spirits, and transports with ease so that you can enjoy a glass just about anywhere life takes you!

The Last Straw®
Our stainless-steel drinking straws truly are the last straws you will ever need! They come in a variety of sizes with the ability to be customized. A four pack comes with cleaning bush, they are dishwasher safe, and BPA free!

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