Grills Made in the USA. Primo Ceramic Grill

Primo Ceramic Grills Made in the USA

Primo Grills patented oval design offers true simultaneous two-zone direct and indirect cooking. It’s almost like using an oven and a grill at the same time. You can grill steaks on the direct side and roast seafood or vegetables on the indirect side. This unique cooking method gives you the flexibility to grill with blazing heat on one side of your Primo Grill, while maintaining a lower temperature on the other for foods that need to be cooked low and slow.

Primo Ceramic Grills are only sold in retail stores. Find a Primo Dealer near you.


Primo ceramic grills are made in the USA using the highest grade of ceramics. The ceramic provides superior heat retention, which allows you to maintain consistent temperatures that produce juicy and tender food. Primo has combined quality-controlled production processes, exceptional glazes, and the highest grade of ceramics to create a grill that can truly withstand the test of time.


The Primo Ceramic Grill is available in 5 charcoal size options and one gas option so you can choose the Primo Grill that is right for your grilling and entertaining needs.

X-Large Charcoal Primo

If you regularly entertain groups of 10 or more people the X-Large Charcoal Primo is built for a crowd. Also available in a Jack Daniels Edition.

Large Charcoal Primo

Looking for a grill that can cook enough food for 5 – 10 people the Large Charcoal Primo, Round Charcoal Primo, and X-Large Gas Primo are the perfect option.

Junior Charcoal Primo

If you are looking for a grill you can take camping or tailgating the Junior Charcoal Primo is ready to travel to your next tailgate, weekend camping adventure and more.

Grill Accessories

Carts, tables, covers, cookware and other accessories are also available for your Primo Grill.


Primo Ceramic Grills are only sold in retail stores. Find a Primo Dealer near you.

Grills Made in the USA. Primo Ceramic Grills Made in USA.

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