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Product Review: So Many Reasons to Love American Blossom Linens

When the oldest bed sheet manufacturer in the USA asked me if I would like to review their new consumer line of organic bed sheets I jumped at the chance.

Thomaston Mills the manufacturer of American Blossom Linens has been making quality textiles and bedding since 1899. When other textile manufacturers were moving production overseas they remained steadfast in their dedication to keep their Thomaston, Georgia textile mill open and continue making their bedding in the USA. While they have been around over 115 years, recently consumers could only enjoy their quality American made product if they stayed at luxury hotels. They only recently started offering their American made bedding directly to consumers.

Nothing ruins a good night’s sleep than an uncomfortable mattress, sleepwear or bedding. If you are like me you need to feel relaxed and comfortable in order to get a restful sleep. For me there is nothing worse than purchasing a set of sheets, getting into bed and feeling like I am sleeping on sandpaper. When you purchase a set of American Blossom Linens sheets you don’t have to worry about that. These sheets are made from a percale fabric made from 100% West Texas organic cotton and are comfortable to sleep in from the first washing.

First Things First

When I first received the box from American Blossom Linens I was impressed with the packaging. It felt like I was truly being given the royal treatment with the presentation of their linens wrapped in tissue paper. The note card thanking and welcoming me into their family included a link to the detailed care instructions for their bedding. They even included a gift of herbal tea that is locally-sourced and Georgia-grown. P.S. our honorary chief product inspector cat Ninja also declared the packaging 100% kitty approved.

Is it possible for sheets to smell this good before washing them?

Seriously these sheets smell great. In fact they smell so good I thought they were freshly washed before they were mailed to me. They have this slight hint of lavender to them that is heavenly.  Intrigued I asked a representative about this. They said there are no scents added to the fabric at any time during the sheet making process and they are not washed before mailing. That wonderful smell was the organic cotton itself. All I can say is wow! I have purchased imported sheets and every single time the odor they gave off was a cross between gasoline and some other obnoxious smell that took multiple washings to get the smell out of.

Now while these sheets smell great right from the start I always wash everything before I sleep on it or wear it. So off to the washer and dryer the sheets went. The great thing is that even after they were washed and dried that wonderful fresh scent was still there and I found it quite soothing as I drifted off that evening. Adding: depending on the laundry soap and fabric sheets you use I cannot guarantee this will happen for you (I use a lightly scented natural laundry soap and one Snuggle fabric sheet in the dryer).

These really are great sheets

I have stayed at luxury hotels in Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta and points in-between and these sheets reminded me of the bedding found at those hotels. They were thick, yet soft and very comfortable.  Even better you automatically get four pillowcases when you order the king and queen size set. Another plus is their attention to small details like adding a top or bottom label on the fitted sheet so you always know which end is the right end when you are making the bed. Plus all American Blossom Linens are made without chemicals so if you are sensitive to the chemicals many companies use when manufacturing their bed sheets these are an excellent alternative.

These sheets have only gotten better with each washing

With each wash these sheets just keep getting better. They are softer and there is no noticeable shrinkage to the sheets. They fit my king size bed as well as they did on day one. Plus they still have that great natural organic cotton smell to them which I love.

They stand behind their products

The folks at American Blossom want you to love your purchase. And they even offer a 2 year guarantee on their products. This means if you are not fully satisfied you can return them for a full refund. Talk about standing behind your product. Most stores only offer a 30 to 90 day return window.

I am giving American Blossom Linens a 5 out of 5 stars for their great bed sheets, their commitment to American manufacturing, excellent customer service and quality assurance guarantee.

In a Nutshell Reasons to try American Blossom Linens:

  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Made from 100% West Texas Organic Cotton.
  • If you’ve never experienced the wonderful fresh scent of organic cotton, this is your chance.
  • Chemical free bedding.
  • Quality, luxurious feeling sheets.
  • Durable and made to last wash after wash.
  • Risk free 2 year guarantee.
  • 100% approved by our rescue cats, Ninja and Bugsy.
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American Blossom Linens offers Bed Sheet Sets in Twin, Queen, King and California King sizes, Duvet Cover Sets and Crib Sheets.

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Disclaimer: The products were provided to us to review and we were not compensated to review them. American Blossom Linens at the time of this review are active advertisers but know and understand that we will provide the information on our product review based on our experiences with them and give them a complete and honest review.