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Gordon Brush of Industry California and the makers of the Footmate® Personal Foot Spa and so much more launched in 1951.

The White House over the past several years has had a spotlight on US manufacturers from every state, but they have limitations on the number of people who can attend and with the pandemic there is no telling what the future holds for the event.

Gordon Brush makes an awesome consumer product called the Footmate® system. It’s a personal foot massager that helps make your dry cracked feet soft and relaxed. I have personally tried it and it’s simple to use and it is effective. Best of all its made in the USA by American workers who take pride in what they do.

As a matter of fact, the highly popular Footmate® works so well, that several companies decided they should make something similar and start marketing on websites like Amazon and others.  While the Footmate® Personal Foot Spa is made in the USA, the copycats were all made in China.

I personally found several of the copycats on Amazon and alerted my contact at Gordon Brush. There was even a version of it being sold on late night TV commercials. Trying to alert Amazon to an issue is like trying to be spotted in the ocean while wearing blue. There is some advice on getting those violating intellectual property rights on this Amazon forum, but even there the users are frustrated with the amount of time it takes to get a response.

The Chinese knockoffs are still being sold on Amazon. Any novice can take a look at them and see they are nearly identical in design. They also sell at less than what it costs to make the American Made Footmate®. Consumers can complain to Amazon via reviews

This makes it a challenge, but the hard working men and women at Gordon Brush remain steadfast at putting out quality products and strive to beat down the copycats with quality products and superb customer service.

Employees at Gordon Brush Manufacturing
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer & Congresswoman Grace Napolitano
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The folks at Gordon Brush not only make the Footmate®, but they make more than 17,000 kinds of brushes for nearly every industry in their 183,000 square feet manufacturing facility. They strive to make every piece with the highest of care and quality even when they are producing 50,000 to 100,000 pieces a day. The majority of their products are made for various industries and if you need a specialty made brush, contact them, they can most likely produce it.

They don’t just stick to what they have in their catalogue, if a new type of brush is needed for other applications, they will produce it as well.

Gordon Brush is proud of their American Made products and one of their best customers is the US military. Their American made products have helped save the military millions of dollars over the years. Something all American taxpayers are happy about.

Our hats off to the hard working men and women of Gordon Brush from the main office to the manufacturing floor, to the customer service reps. Thank you for making great products in the USA.

Spotlight on American Manufacturing is an ongoing series showcasing the hard working men and women of American Manufacturing.

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