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Two New Footwear Styles from SOM Footwear

Just in time for Christmas SOM Footwear has introduced two new footwear styles: Camo Combat and Camo Navy. Each pair is made with an all-terrain 100% Cotton ripstop fabric that is free of chemical treatments. These shoes were made to be durable, breathable, and flexible, a great shoe for all of your outdoor adventures.

Why Choose SOM Footwear:

  • Zero-drop sole: allows your feet to lie flat on the ground, as nature designed.
  • Upper fabric: The Natural 100% Cotton Ripstop reinforced cotton that provides greater flexibility and breathability for an even more barefoot feel experience. This fabric is not waterproof unless treated.
  • Wide toebox: allows for improved balance, posture and air-flow.
  • Insole: A blend of EVA and synthetic rubber insole that provides a comfortable ride topped with a ribbed polyester fabric that wicks moisture and is removable if you want to use an orthotic.
  • Custom outsole: sheds mud and debris while providing secure traction and a smooth ride. (Please note that, with this model, we cannot produce the following men sizes: 4, 15, and 16.)
  • Vegan: no animal products were used in the making of the Camo.
  • Made in the USA: all of SOM’s shoes are made in Colorado.

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