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7 Myths About Sheets that Need to Be Debunked

1. Egyptian Cotton makes the best bed sheet

Did you know most “Egyptian Cotton” is not actually grown in Egypt?! According to the Wall Street Journal, “The Cotton Egypt Association, which licenses the trademark and certifies suppliers, estimates that 90% of products labeled “Egyptian cotton” are fakes.” When you see the label Egyptian Cotton, know that it is probably grown in China or India, not Egypt. Supima® cotton, on the other hand, is only grown in California and Arizona and is monitored for quality by the USDA.

2. Wrinkles are Bad

In order to create wrinkle-free sheets companies bake them in a chemical bath consisting of Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen classified by the National Cancer Association. Who wants to lay their head on pillowcases that have been cooked in a carcinogen? We sure don’t, we’ll take a few wrinkles.

3. The Higher the thread count the better the sheet

A 1000 thread-count set of sheets does NOT mean premium quality! In fact, it is actually actually a 250 thread-count that is made of 4-ply yarn. What is a 4-ply yarn? Think about when you braid strands of hair together, making one strand out of 3 or 4; that is a 4-ply yarn. 4 X 250 = 1000. 4-ply yarns can use cheap, low quality cotton to drive down costs and are susceptible to pilling.

4. Heavy fabric means high quality

The weight of the fabric has nothing to do with quality in regards to bed sheets. Sheets should have a light, breathy quality to them; allowing your mattress to support you and your comforter/duvet to insulate you. Supima® cotton is 45% stronger than regular cotton which allows for a lighter, more breathable fabric that is also more durable and softer than heavy, multi-ply fabric.

5. Sateen vs Percale

Sateen sheets can be very nice, are less prone to wrinkles and offer an initial, smooth hand-feel. However, compared to a Percale sheet their tighter weave restricts air circulation which leads to a hot sleep. They are less durable and more susceptible to pilling while also being more expensive. More expensive, less durable and a hot sleep; not a good trade off. The exception is if you have extremely sensitive skin they may be your best option.

6. You should always wash your bedding on hot

This is largely personal preference. Sheets will last longer if washed on a cold setting, as it is easier on the fabric. We recommend trying a cold wash and seeing if you can tell a difference.

7. Sheets are sheets any old set will do

We spend 2900 hours in bed every year. Your bed is the sanctuary you go to rejuvenate after a long day. Sleep and other fun things happen in bed :). Investing in quality bedding is a quick and easy way to improve quality of life for you AND your partner.

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