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In 1998 we started looking for companies online that were still making their products in the USA. We wanted our directory to be a resource for anyone who was looking to buy Made in the USA to be able to find products from clothing to cookware to pet products and everything in-between. Finding these businesses who had an actual web presence was difficult because the internet was still in its infancy and many companies were not on the internet.

We chose the name BuyDirectUSA because we wanted consumers and companies to buy direct from retailers who sold Made in USA products. Back then social media didn’t exist and promotion relied solely on search results in Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, Lycos and others.

We have watched the landscape of Made in USA on the internet change from only a few websites selling made in the USA to thousands of businesses who have a presence online. This has slowly started to spill over into more brick and mortar stores carrying American made products too.

The surge in demand for Made in the USA products and increased support for American manufacturing is inspiring. Many American consumers are committed to the idea that buying products Made in the USA is not only beneficial for the financial health of our country, but also for the health and wellness of their families, since many products made overseas are not held to the same quality control standards required of companies that make their products in the USA. Made in USA products are more environmentally friendly than most imports simply because they are made closer to their intended customers.

What started 22 years ago as a way to compile a list of websites that sold Made in the USA products has grown into a movement that is supported by American consumers, entrepreneurs and manufacturers.

If you are an American manufacturer or sell products Made in the USA let us help you promote your made in the USA products and brand. Contact us today.

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