American Made Knives by Alfi USA

Knives Made in the USA

Alfi High Performance Knives are Made in USA with great pride and care by a family owned & operated small business. Alfi knives are unique because they deliver unbeatable all-purpose cutting performance, without any of the high-cost, high-maintenance, frequent-sharpening, fragility, and overall fussiness of other professional/premium-quality knives.

Simply put, Alfi knives are the ultimate workhorse for demanding daily use. Astonishingly sharp, yet never needs sharpening; ultra-precise, yet ready to tackle the most punishing tasks; super-versatile, yet consistently effortless; premium quality, yet more sensible to recycle & replace than to sharpen; lightweight in your hand, but an undisputed heavyweight at your fingertips. Rigorously engineered and value-priced to be an essential staple in every kitchen.

Alfi Knives are available in an assortment of colors too.

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