An American Manufacturing Success Story – Excel Dryer

Excel Dryer Hand Dryers Made in USA

Excel Dryer’s President Denis Gagnon recently sat down with Ari Santiago for his Made In America Podcast to discuss how American manufacturing influenced the success that the XLERATOR® Hand Dryer has had worldwide.

When XLERATOR was first introduced to the market, the Excel Dryer team had to focus on changing the public’s perception of hand dryers by creating a product that worked efficiently and quickly to dry consumer’s hands. To do this, they had to define what dry was by turning the qualitative “my hands feel dry” statement into a quantitative statement of “you need 2/10ths of a gram or less of residual moisture on the hands for them to feel dry”.

By utilizing this important research, the Excel Dryer team was able to create a hand dryer that was 3 times faster than any other hand dryer on the market. In addition to being the fastest hand dryer for facilities to install, the XLERATOR came with a multitude of other benefits including being able to reduce a building’s carbon footprint by up to 75% and provide up to 95% cost savings over paper towels.

It was important for Gagnon to create a cost-effective product that was made in the United States. He felt that by being efficient while making a product, you can manufacture it domestically and sell it at the right price without having to import it because it is cheaper in another country. The XLERATOR has even met the specific criteria to be Made in USA Certified® by proving exactly where the labor, parts, and assembly take place which further showcases Excel Dryer’s commitment to supporting American workers by not just talking the talk but walking the walk.

To learn more about Excel Dryer and their commitment to American manufacturing, please listen to the Made in America Podcast with Ari Santiago episode featuring Denis Gagnon.