Big Gator Tools Drill & Tap Guides Made in the USA

Drill and Tap Guides Made in USA by Big Gator Tools

Since 2005 Big Gator Tools has been an industry leader with our innovative, precise and high-quality tools. Our patented and award winning drill and tap guides are designed and made in America. Both the drill and tap guides are made to work on corners, round pieces and flat materials so you ensure accuracy every time.


Big Gator Tools drill bit guide is made to fit into awkward angles and allows you to drill straight when accuracy is necessary and eyeballing might not work for your project. Big Gator Tools drill guides are available in various sizes. Can be used on plastic, metal and wood.


Big Gator Tools tap guide is designed to help you start threaded holes straight. The tap guide accurately guides hand tapped threads on the inside of a hole to accept a machine screw or bolt. Available in standard or metric sizes.

100% Made in the USA

Big Gator Tools Tap and Drill Guides have a Lifetime Warranty, are 100% USA made and come with a free plastic storage case.

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