Essential Oils Toxic to Dogs & Cats

Caution Essential Oils Can Be Toxic to Your Pets

It seems that accidental pet poisonings are increasing due to well meaning pet owners trying to treat their pets symptoms using natural remedies without realizing that certain treatments can make your pet sick or worse kill them.

There are many pet products that contain essential oils but these are specifically made using very, very low concentrations. Unlike essential oils you may purchase online which are very concentrated and can be not only damaging to you if used incorrectly but can also be harmful and/or fatal to your pet(s). The best course of action when in doubt is to only use products on the market specifically designed for your cat or dog if you are trying to help them with skin conditions, etc.

Another problem with essential oils pet owners may not be aware of:

Not only are topical applications of essential oils dangerous to your pets, but diffuser’s are another method of dispersing essential oils and the mist these create can actually be bad for your pet.

I made the mistake of having a diffuser in my bedroom, where my cat sleeps, and he started coughing and throwing up. A chance post online made me realize that the diffuser and oils I was using was the cause of my cats respiratory issues. Thankfully a trip to the vet to make sure he was OK and discontinuing use of the diffuser in the bedroom solved the problem.

The takeaway from this is that if you use essential oils it is important to know which ingredients are potentially toxic to your pet(s).

Below are a list of essential oils that are toxic to dogs and cats. If you have other pets in your household I recommend researching whether or not essential oils are bad for them too.

Visit the Pet Poison Help Line website for more information about pet safety and to get more information about essential oils and the effects on dogs and cats.

Essential Oils that are toxic to dogs

Citrus (d-limonene)
Sweet Birch
Tea Tree
Ylang Ylang

Visit the Pet Poison Helpline website to get more information about Essential Oils and Dogs.

Essential Oils that are toxic to cats

Cinnamon oil
Citrus (d-limonene)
Sweet birch
Tea tree
Ylang Ylang

Visit the Pet Poison Helpline website to get more information about Essential Oils and Cats.

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