Christmas Cards Made in USA

Christmas Cards Made in the USA

The first Christmas card was created in 1843 in Victorian England, by Henry Cole and J.C. Horsley. Cole wanted a quick way to respond to the numerous letters he received from those in his social circle and he enlisted his friend Horsley to design the card.

Though it took a few decades for the tradition of sending Christmas cards to catch on, today according to the Greeting Card Association, consumers in the United States buy “approximately 6.5 billion greeting cards each year.” With 1.3 billion Christmas cards bought every Christmas.

Bad Santa Cat Set of 24 Christmas Cards

Includes 24 cards with 3 different designs. Messages inside are; Tabby cat – “Sorry, Santa scared me!” Black cat – “The dog did it!” Tiger cat – “The eggnog got the best of me. Made in the USA.

Bad Santa Cat Christmas Cards Made in the USA

Thank Goodness Your Home the Christmas Tree Fainted Set of 12 Christmas Cards

The inside of the card reads: Have a Merry Christmas for Goodness Sake. Comes with 12 cards and envelopes. Made in the USA (some styles made in Canada).

Funny Dog Christmas Card Made in the USA

Funny Dog Themed Christmas Card Assortment

Includes 8 different designs, 2 of each design, 16 cards. Cute and funny dog themed Christmas Cards made in the USA.

Funny Dog Themed Christmas Cards Made in the USA

Boxed Set of 36 Funny Christmas Cards

Includes 18 unique designs that feature Santa, his reindeer and elves. Made and printed in the USA.

Funny Christmas Cards Made in the USA

Fat Cat & Christmas Cookies Christmas Card

Love this adorable chonky cat who seems to have eaten his weight in cookies. Inside the message reads: “Gonna Need a Bigger Chimney. Merry Christmas.” Card is made in the USA. Chose from a 10 or 20 count package of cards.

Fat Cat Eating Christmas Cookies Christmas Card Made in USA

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