Conserve Water with drip irrigation
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Conserve Water & Stop Weeds With Drip Irrigation

Stop spending money watering your plants with a traditional garden hose. Drip irrigation will not only conserve water but keep a little more green in your wallet. Plus watering only where needed helps stop weeds from growing too.

Drip irrigation uses less water than traditional watering methods.
One sprinkler head can use up to 144 gallons of water per hour (GPH). One single micro irrigation stake can use only 10 gallons of water per hour. Utilizing a complete drip irrigation system can reduce your water usage by 50%.

Drip irrigation systems are DIY-friendly.
Traditional sprinkler systems can be expensive or complicated to install. Find a drip irrigation system that easily connects to your outdoor faucet and no special tools are required.

Drip irrigation delivers water more efficiently to the roots of your plants.
This means that over watering and water run off is less likely to happen. This helps keep the surrounding plant beds and areas moisture free which helps control the spread of fungal diseases.

Discourages weed growth.
Water is going where it is needed instead of over the entire planting bed.

Is a time saver.
The system can be setup with a timer so you choose when and for how long your plants receive water. That means no more standing outside watering your plants by hand.

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