Fashion Trends for Fall 2018

Fall Fashion Trends in 2018

Did you know that fall is the most popular season of Americans? 29% of people polled said that they prefer autumn to any of the other seasons and we agree. From the leaves changing colors to pumpkin spice everything, plus beautiful mums and pumpkins are on display everywhere.

Fall is a season chock full of vibrant colors and festive decor. Not to mention the great fall clothes that make you want to layer up before you spend the afternoon going leaf watching.

Did you know that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average American family spends $1,700 on clothes annually? The U.S. apparel industry is an amazing $12 billion dollar a year business.

Whether you shop to be trendy or just for comfort these American made Clothing Brands have you covered with tops, scarves, jackets, jeans and more for women and men that are made in the USA and designed to last season after season.

This year’s hottest trends for fall 2018 are plaids, animal prints, red, ruching and coats that make a statement. Even if you have a limited budget adding a great plaid scarf or red purse to your fall wardrobe will keep you in style and looking great this year.

Happy Fall!

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