Stronger Heavy Duty Crates for Dogs with High Anxiety

Many dog owners go through dealing with their high anxiety dogs. Dogs have issues just like humans. Most of their anxiety comes from fear. Fear of the dark, fear of loud noises, fear of being alone.  Most of these fears usually develop as a puppy and unless they are dealt with can become a major nuisance for dog owners.

Dogs no matter what their size can do major damage to your dwelling. Torn curtains, rugs furniture and of course carpet stains. It’s not that they are bad animals and any type of punishment some owners try to give scolding or using a newspaper does nothing to help. As a matter of fact it can actually add to the behavior problems and increase the dogs anxiety.

It takes a professional to teach the owner how to work with their anxious pets to help them alleviate their pets fears and make them understand that they are safe and secure no matter what. However, many of these techniques take time and patience. The changes won’t come overnight but slowly but surely they do come.

Oftentimes it is suggested to use pat carriers and cages to keep them from destroying the house and most importantly from hurting themselves. It’s imperative to sue a cage that is large enough for the dog and strong enough to hold them. A cage that is too small can cause suffering to your pet and increase its anxiety. A cage that is too flimsy means that the cage gets destroyed by your dog, your dog could get impaled by the cheap metal or plastic or even swallow parts of it.

If your dog has anxiety issues, visit PetMD for some great suggestions on helping your furry family member.

If you are going to buy a dog crate here is one that is nearly indestructible and is made in the USA and it will keep your dog and home safe. Our new heavy duty dog crate features a stronger design that is also more aesthetically pleasing. The bars on the crate allows your dog to look out at his surrounding while inside the safety of his crate and also allows you to be able to easily see your dog.