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Over the years, we have worked hard for US manufacturing. Promoting and sharing their work with the American public.

We must remember though, there are real people involved in manufacturing. These men and women are your family, friends and neighbors.

More than 95% of American manufacturers are family owned businesses with less than a 100 employees. Those employees are like family members to many of those business owners.

They work hard every day to produce quality products we use every day. Oftentimes, we have no idea the things we use are made in the USA. For example, the axle in your car or truck was most likely turned on a metal lathe here in the USA. Each one was inspected for quality before being shipped to an automotive assembly line.

Since the COVID19 pandemic, many of these businesses have struggled to keep the lights on and many have had to make the choices to not just lay off their employees, but members of their own families.

Things are turning around, but the struggle continues. You can help by helping us help them.

A small donation to our GoFundMe Campaign will help us promote these companies and help get them additional sales, so they can hire back those workers and help rebuild US manufacturing.

As a small business ourselves for 22 years, it will help us ensure we keep our lights on and able to continue our mission of creating jobs for Americans through US manufacturing.

COVID19 has reinforced the importance of US Manufacturing. They are vital to helping us make the things we need and vital to our independence from imported products. Most of which come from China.

We must have a strong manufacturing base as a matter of national security. We can not rely on other nations to provide our medical equipment, supplies, PPE, medications and so much more.

GoFundMe is the perfect platform to raise funds for this effort. It can be easily shared and there are no constraints on the number of people we can help. If we receive the full amount then we get to help at least 50 companies. If we fall short of our goal or exceed it, we still get to help our fellow Americans.

For every $200 we receive, we will help promote one US manufacturer for an entire year through our websites and social media channels.

If we reach our goal of $10,000. We will send out a national press release and a list all of the manufacturers that we are helping.

Please help us help our fellow Americans today.