How to Make an Income with a Small 3D Printer

So much manufacturing has been moved out of the United States, it can be frustrating to find things that you need in a timely fashion. Technology, like 3D printing is helping to change the way manufacturing is done. Smaller companies are using it to produce quality products at a fraction of the cost here in the United States.

3D printers are being used to print everything from houses, automotive parts, clothing, jewelry, medical devices and much more. There are a variety of 3D printers around for various applications, but this article is for the home 3D printers.

Many individuals have found ways to make themselves a nice income by using 3D printers. On social media, I have had people ask me how they can make money using a 3D printer.

Here are some ways to make an income with a small 3D printer:

  1. Product customization: Offer personalized, 3D printed products such as phone cases, jewelry, and keychains. You can sell your products through online marketplaces such as Etsy or through your own website.
  2. Prototyping and product development: Many businesses and entrepreneurs need prototypes of their products developed before they start mass production. You can offer your 3D printing services to help bring their ideas to life.
  3. Spare parts and replacements: Many people are looking for replacement parts for broken or outdated items. You can use your 3D printer to create these parts and sell them online.
  4. 3D printing classes and workshops: Offer classes and workshops in 3D printing for people interested in learning about this technology. You can also offer private lessons for people looking to improve their skills.
  5. 3D printing on demand: Partner with local businesses and offer 3D printing on demand. This can include custom promotional products, signs, and other products needed for events and business promotions.
  6. Customized gifts: Offer 3D printing services to create customized gifts such as personalized cookie cutters, cake toppers, and other items.
  7. Repair and maintenance services: Offer repair and maintenance services for 3D printers and related equipment.
  8. Resell 3D printing filaments and supplies: If you regularly use 3D printing materials, you can also resell them to other 3D printing enthusiasts and businesses.

It’s important to keep in mind that success in any of these ventures will depend on factors such as your creativity, marketing skills, and target market. It may also be helpful to do some market research to determine which of these opportunities will be most profitable for you.