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New England Candy Confectionery Shuttered in July 2018. Is this the end for Necco Wafers?

UPDATE: The New England Confectionery Co., was purchased at auction in May 2018 Round Hill Investments. There were plans to rename the now defunct candy company, Sweetheart Candy, after the popular conversation hearts the company made for over 100 years. Unfortunately in July Round Hill shuttered the 171-year old plant and it was sold to an unnamed buyer.

April 2, 2018

After 171 years the New England Candy Confectionery announced that it may be going out of business. According to Michael McGee, the company’s CEO, they will have to start laying off workers in early May if a buyer is not found for the company. Located in Revere, Massachusetts the company employs approximately 500 people. Best known for their Sweethearts Conversation Hearts and Necco Wafers they are the “oldest continuously operating candy company in the United States.”

Americans love nostalgic candies and Necco Wafers are no exception. While many find these candies unappetizing there are many more who love them and are panicked at the thought of not being able to purchase their favorite chalky treat any longer.

Since the news broke about the impending demise of Necco Wafer online candy stores have been bombarded with phone calls and emails. Many are looking to stock pile the candy and sales of Necco Wafers are up 63% in the past few days. Ebay sellers are offering the curiously shelf stable candy for $30 a box.

As of today April 11, 2018 there is no word on whether the company has found a buyer. Will this spell the end for Necco Wafers? Stay tuned.

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