Now is the time for the US to Defund China

Now is the Time for the US to Defund China

February 9, 2021 – The Buy American Movement is calling for a global effort to defund China starting with the United States.

The Communist Chinese Government has invaded the United States and entrenched itself into all facets of our lives. From government, education, industry and more.

On May 25, 2000 congress voted to allow China into the World Trade organization (WTO). Their reasoning at the time was to help China and its people get a taste of Democracy and then they would gravitate to the ideologies of a Democratic Republic similar to the US and other countries around the world.

The vote was nearly defeated until an amendment was added to create a committee to monitor China’s human rights abuses.

The end result over 20 years later, is that the opposite has happened. China lured US companies to their shores for manufacturing with cheap, forced, and even child labor along with incentives such as free raw materials, and reduced taxes to cover the costs of moving production to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Thousands of corporations moved production to China enriching the CCP with technology and the ability to out produce the US and any other country in the world. They have taken over many industries such as; electronics, medical supplies, medicine, vitamins and supplements, toys, furniture, and much more.

Millions of Americans have lost life sustaining employment and the ability to provide for their families. The US economy has lost trillions in lost manufacturing revenue.

China has stolen so much intellectual property that it has put countless small businesses under after marketing their products as their own and selling them on sites like ALIBABA, Amazon and more. While these sites claim to be cracking down on these counterfeit products, it appears that they are fighting a near impossible fight.

China continues to attack our computer networks around the clock; hacking US government, industrial, Universities, schools, small businesses and more.

The US government recently declared China one of our greatest threats to National Security. We wonder what took them so long.

So how do we decouple and Defund China?

The US has become so dependent on China that it seems almost impossible to move away from our reliance of the Communist Regime but if we plan it out carefully, it can be done.

Some of the steps have already started such as reopening mines for rare earth minerals in the US so we can produce our own computers and electronics on US soil. Likewise progress has been made to move production of essential medical devices and supplies as well as medications back to the USA.

Common sense tells us that it would be a point of National Security to prioritize returning certain industries back to the US and once we have done so to continue on our quest of defunding China through additional steps.

Increasing the tariffs on products imported from China and China owned companies producing outside of China to sidestep those tariffs.

In the United States, we should seize all assets of China owned companies and nationalize any business they own and restore them to American ownership.

US companies who remain in China will most likely have retaliatory measures put on them by the Communist Chinese government and should consider leaving as soon as possible to prevent loss. Many are already taking this step, while others see the pot at the end of the red rainbow and continue to invest in China.

Manufacturing in the United States can create millions of much needed jobs and open up opportunities for inventors and entrepreneurs and return wealth back to the US. 

China has proven over the last 20 years that it will do whatever it needs to do to control as many industries as possible and to keep the US reliant on them. They have had their opportunity to be fair trading partners and they have proved they only play by their rules.

We must decouple and defund China now.